The Wildcard’s NFL Picks - Week 2

Week two of the season is always a notorious one, it’s where the overreactions from week one really sizzle and the convictions of those preseason predictions are really tested. The clever pundit will take that first round with a grain of salt – we don’t know the context of those performances yet because we don’t know which teams are good or not. Most tend not to though.

Dillon Boucher Has Resigned As Breakers GM Because Of Course He Did

If you take it in isolation then it was just a pensive moment. Dillon Boucher, a legend of both Breakers basketball and New Zealand basketball, a multiple championship winner whose jersey hangs in the rafters for this club, had resigned as general manager of the New Zealand Breakers.

Tall Blacks x 2019 FIBA World Cup: Finishing With Style in the Classifications

Oh yes. That is Tall Blacks basketball right there. Two more games to determine their exact finishing position and there just so happened to be a bit on the line as well with a spot in the Olympic qualifying tournaments next year to slip into the shopping cart as well if possible.

The Wildcard’s NFL Picks - Week 1

Bit late on the ol’ picks because the Quarterback Rankings took ages to do and hey I’m a busy fella after all. So have a read of that thing first because it’s got lots of words in it. Lots of words and lots of numbers too. Sequential numbers, just the way you like them. Also got a few of them pesky opinions too which is what you’re here for but I used heaps of them up over there already.

Tall Blacks x 2019 FIBA World Cup: The Reckoning vs Greece

The result wasn’t the important thing as the Tall Blacks faced Greece in their final first round game at this basketball World Cup. It was a game where the winner would advance and the loser would fall into the classification rounds but when you’re the heavy underdog coming up against the NBA MVP then you don’t have the luxury of knowing that a positive performance would equate to a positive result.

Tall Blacks x 2019 FIBA World Cup: Game 1 vs Brazil

So when the Tall Blacks came up against Brazil in their World Cup opener it didn’t matter how well they’d gone in their extended preparations. Those preparations are just ways of ensuring they’re at their best as they try to bridge the talent gap that already exists between them and their opponents.

Tall Blacks x 2019 FIBA World Cup: Two Very Contrasting Warm-Up Defeats To Canada

Last week they polished off a couple games against Japan, this week the Tall Blacks got some very useful preparation in against the might of Canada… who may have won both but the two games served up drastically different vibes for the Tall Blacks going into the World Cup.

The Basketball World Cup Is On The Horizon And Squads Are Emerging

We’re still two weeks away from the day that Paul Henare announces the Tall Blacks’ official World Cup squad. Before then there’s a training camp in Japan (we’re they are right now) with a couple games against their hosts to follow, then two games against Canada in Sydney… and straight after that we’ll get the final cuts to the squad.

The Oklahoma City Thunder Are Now The NBA’s Biggest What-If Team

Sooner or later some clever bugger is going to write the definitive history of the first eleven years of the Oklahoma City Thunder and it’s going to be essential reading. Since the franchise upped and moved from Seattle they’ve remained one of the most fascinating teams out there… and it all comes down to three straight draft picks.

The Breakers Did Another Thing And Here Are Some Words About It

New Zealand’s only professional basketball team just signed a Chinese teenager to a development player contract. Terry Li comes from the NBA Global Academy which runs out of Basketball Australia’s Centre of Excellence. He’s a 198cm tall guard, meant to be extremely athletic, and he’s signed on a three year deal.

It’s The End Of An Era For The Oklahoma City Thunder As Russell Westbrook Has Been Traded To The Rockets

And there it is. We knew Russell Westbrook was going to be traded, it was just a matter of where and when and a cheeky Woj Bomb on a Friday arvo cleared all that up. Russell Westbrook to the Rockets, Chris Paul and two future first rounders (plus two potential pick swaps) to the Thunder in return.

Ascend Lord Marsky, Thy Kingdom Is Complete

There’s a new King of Brooklyn folks, and his name is Sean Marks. Free agency honestly could not have gone better for the Brooklyn Nets as everything came together in perfect harmony, all those seeds that they began to plant in February 2016 when Sean Marks was announced as the new GM of the franchise have sprouted and grown and blossomed and now born fruit.