Sorta Seems Like There Are Some Weird Vibes Around The Breakers At The Moment

The Breakers made their first major signing for the upcoming NBL season early this week and it wasn’t a massively crazy one. Rob Loe is returning after playing a year for Cairns, the big fella already rumoured to want to return to Aotearoa for family reasons so it only made sense that he’d end up back with the Breakers sooner or later.

Kiwi Steve in the NBA #20: Can The Thunder Save the Series From Here?

As the fourth quarter in Oklahoma went on, the telly cameras made a point of focussing in on Steven Adams a few times as the Big Kiwi sat quietly on the bench. Towel draped over his lap, rising to applaud his mates a few times but to be fair there wasn’t often a lot to applaud.

The Timeline of Sean Marks’ Brooklyn Nets Revival

When Sean Marks left the warm and nurturing bosom of the San Antonio Spurs, there was talk. Of course an NBA GM’s gig is one that would be almost impossible to turn down. But not every GM’s gig is like the rest and the job he inherited at the Nets provided a team left reeling from one of the worst trades the NBA has ever seen.

Kiwi Steve in the NBA #17: The Many (Fixable) Problems with the OKC Thunder Right Now

Last time it was a full on look at how Steven Adams has been tracking against the criticism that’s come back his way in recent times. Mostly from frustrated fans, to be fair. This time it’s all about why those fans are frustrated. Because you may recall a moment in history not completely forgotten in which the Thunder were hanging in there for the third seed in the west.

Kiwi Steve in the NBA #16: What’s With The Steven Adams Backlash?

There’s like, seven games to catch up on this week because of the post-All Star smashing out of the schedule so thinking we may do something a little different here. Rather than the all-in recaps of each individual game, this week’s gonna be more of an overall look at the state of things.

Where Did It Go Wrong For The Breakers This Season?

The initial feeling was pretty strong about this Breakers side. They’d reshaped the roster to play fast and aggressive and the pedigree of their imports, so often the factor that turns a good team into a great team in this league, was as high as its been for years, not to mention bringing back Corey Webster.

Kiwi Steve in the NBA #13: Scrapping Away

There was good news before tip-off, with that old pesky ankle injury not about to stop Kiwi Steve from getting to work against the Miami Heat. Certainly didn’t look like it was holding him back much when he rose all the way up for a little bit of this on the first possession of the game…