The Basketball World Cup Is On The Horizon And Squads Are Emerging

We’re still two weeks away from the day that Paul Henare announces the Tall Blacks’ official World Cup squad. Before then there’s a training camp in Japan (we’re they are right now) with a couple games against their hosts to follow, then two games against Canada in Sydney… and straight after that we’ll get the final cuts to the squad.

The Oklahoma City Thunder Are Now The NBA’s Biggest What-If Team

Sooner or later some clever bugger is going to write the definitive history of the first eleven years of the Oklahoma City Thunder and it’s going to be essential reading. Since the franchise upped and moved from Seattle they’ve remained one of the most fascinating teams out there… and it all comes down to three straight draft picks.

The Breakers Did Another Thing And Here Are Some Words About It

New Zealand’s only professional basketball team just signed a Chinese teenager to a development player contract. Terry Li comes from the NBA Global Academy which runs out of Basketball Australia’s Centre of Excellence. He’s a 198cm tall guard, meant to be extremely athletic, and he’s signed on a three year deal.

It’s The End Of An Era For The Oklahoma City Thunder As Russell Westbrook Has Been Traded To The Rockets

And there it is. We knew Russell Westbrook was going to be traded, it was just a matter of where and when and a cheeky Woj Bomb on a Friday arvo cleared all that up. Russell Westbrook to the Rockets, Chris Paul and two future first rounders (plus two potential pick swaps) to the Thunder in return.

Ascend Lord Marsky, Thy Kingdom Is Complete

There’s a new King of Brooklyn folks, and his name is Sean Marks. Free agency honestly could not have gone better for the Brooklyn Nets as everything came together in perfect harmony, all those seeds that they began to plant in February 2016 when Sean Marks was announced as the new GM of the franchise have sprouted and grown and blossomed and now born fruit.

Steven Adams And The Case Of The Luxury Tax Enforced Trade Rumours

Back in the day, trading James Harden had a lot to do with avoiding paying him and going into the luxury tax. The haul they got back for Harden was a bit mud but one piece did turn out to be something useful: the 12th overall pick in 2013 that soon became Steven Adams. So it’d be ironic if they then traded Adams for luxury tax reasons but that’s basketball for ya.

Sean Marks And The Case Of The Future Direction Of The Brooklyn Nets

Everything until now has led up to this point. All the cheeky little trades, the massive ones too, all the salary dumps they took upon themselves, all the restricted free agent tricks, all the G-League reclamation projects and the draft picks, all the extra hours spent in the gym from the coaches and the players, all the late nights from Sean Marks and his crew in the front office.

Steven Adams Won’t Be Playing For The Tall Blacks At The World Cup

It is with a heavy heart and a conflicted mind that I say to you now something that you pretty much already knew: Steven Adams will not be playing for the Tall Blacks at the 2019 World Cup. He was named in the 25-man longlist last week but that was just to cover all bases, it’s since been confirmed via a statement released by his agency that the dream is on hold until some other time in the hypothetical future.

RJ Hampton Skipped Out On College Basketball To Play For… The New Zealand Breakers? Yeah Alright Then

A few days ago, Breakers owner/CEO Matt Walsh teased that there was a “global” announcement coming up from the club. Not just national, not just continental… but global. This at a time where Breakers trust amongst fans is at a pretty low ebb following a disappointing season, a lack of connection with new ownership, and some weird free agency vibes.

Sorta Seems Like There Are Some Weird Vibes Around The Breakers At The Moment

The Breakers made their first major signing for the upcoming NBL season early this week and it wasn’t a massively crazy one. Rob Loe is returning after playing a year for Cairns, the big fella already rumoured to want to return to Aotearoa for family reasons so it only made sense that he’d end up back with the Breakers sooner or later.