100 Unanswered Questions For the New NBA Season

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Can anyone possibly stop the Golden State Warriors?

Do the Lakers play the kids or the grizzled vets around LeBron James?

Who’s even got a chance of taking the Rookie of the Year trophy away from Luka Doncic?

Was the Jimmy Butler drama actaully an orchestrated public relations stunt?

Markelle Fultz on the 76ers, helper or hinderer?

Will I get murdered if I say that Brad Stevens is overrated as a coach? (At this point, it seems fair to argue that Brad Stevens is both overrated and yet still the best coach in the league)

How many times will Kawhi Leonard smile in Toronto?

How many times will Kawhi Leonard play in Toronto?

Is this the year that Giannis Antetokounmpo goes stratospheric?

Can the San Antonio Spurs still make the playoffs now that the old guard (and Kawhi) are all gone? (Not to mention Dejounte Murray’s injury)

Will the Los Angeles Lakers make the playoffs in a crowded Western Conference, even with LeBron James?

Who wins more games: the tenth seed in the West or the sixth seed in the East?

After the hoopla about DeMarcus Cousins signing with the Warriors, what’s the bet that he ends up getting frustrated with his minimal role come playoff time when Steve Kerr tries to use him as a better version of Andrew Bogut and doesn’t end up being much of a factor at all?

Is this Klay Thompson’s last season with the Dubs?

Carmelo Anthony’s three-point percentage, over or under 34%?

How long will Russell Westbrook miss at the start of the season?

Are the Toronto Raptors the league’s sneakiest title contenders?

How will the Washington Wizards manage to disappoint everyone this time?

Can the Indiana Pacers back it up and make some noise in the playoffs?

Is it too much to expect Mike Budenholzer to get the Bucks going immediately and what happens to a frisky Bucks franchise if he doesn’t?

Will Jayson Tatum earn an All Star selection?

Can Enes Kanter’s twitter feed remain undefeated for the entire season?

Who’ll be the first player to kick/hit another player in the nuts?

Will Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday be able to do in the regular season what they did in the playoffs, or will the loss of DeMarcus Cousins sting more over 82 games?

How long until Jimmy Butler’s playing for the Miami Heat?

Remember when everyone loved Karl-Anthony Towns as a future superstar?

Are the Houston Rockets honestly going to average 115 points per game?

Is there any hope remaining for the poor Sacramento Kings?

Joe Ingles or Steph Curry, whose three-point percentage will be highest?

Better MVP case: LaMarcus Aldridge or Damian Lillard?

Who’ll be the first coach fired?

Why do New Yorkers keep insisting that the Knicks might be decent this year?

How many NBA GMs have officially blocked Danny Ainge’s number now?

Will Lonzo Ball learn to shoot?

Is the theory that the Thunder, with Andre Roberson, are proper challengers in the West a for real legit thing or did he just get pumped up because he wasn’t around for the playoffs where it all went wrong?

What more has D’Angelo Russell got for the Nets this time around?

Can the Denver Nuggets please be a little more like the team that finished the season 22-14 than the team that started the season 23-23?

Also, Nikola Jokic All-NBA… will it happen?

Will Ben Simmons lose his Aussie accent in time for us to enjoy his inevitable success?

Hey why are there so many Aussies in the NBA these days anyway?

Is Dirk Nowitzki an actual beatified saint yet?

Is Chris Paul capable of playing 60 games this season or does he not even need to?

Andrew Wiggins?

Remember when the Memphis Grizzlies were really good?

What’s Kevin Love gonna be like on a Cavs team without LeBron – back to the Minnesota days of old?

Does Kevin Durant decline his player option after the season and hit free agency?

Does Drake bring his ghostwriters to Raptors games?

Is DeAndre Ayton capable of doing the big boy stuff he’s been doing in the preseason against proper NBA centres?

How much will the lottery reform that kicks in this season discourage franchises from the annual post-All Star Break tankathon?

Will Dwyane Wade get the retirement tour treatment?

How badly is the Dwight Howard x Washington Wizards marriage going to go and how long until Bradley Beal tries to literally murder him at practice?

Why can’t John Wall have nice things?

Have people forgotten what a brilliant coach Rick Carlisle is with a half-decent roster?

Could Anthony Davis be a trade possibility?

How about Kristaps Porzingis?

How about Kevin Love?

The Boston Celtics with a healthy Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward… 60+ wins?

How about Fred VanVleet for sixth man of the year?

What magickry has Sean Marks got up his sleeve this time?

Where do priorities lie for the LA Clippers in the post-Lob City era?

How slick is Brett Brown’s beard?

Is Dwane Casey the man to get the Pistons working?

How’s Blake Griffin’s stand-up comedy career going?

Do you realise that this’ll be the first time the Eastern Conference will be won by a team without LeBron James since the 2009-10 season?

How come James Harden isn’t getting much repeat MVP buzz?

Why doesn’t Aron Baynes just shave that bloody top knot off already?

Is Trae Young good enough to stop the Hawks being the worst team in the NBA?

Speaking of rookies, Kevin Knox – what’s up?

Brandon Ingram for Most Improved?

Has LeBron been round to Jack Nicholson’s place yet?

Have the Thunder finally fixed their bench problem?

Why didn’t they do the 14-second shot clock thing for offensive rebounds ages ago?

Will Isaiah Thomas be anything like the dude he was in Boston ever again?

Could Ben Simmons average a triple-double?

Will this be Vince Carter’s (now 41 years old) last season in the league?

Is Steven Adams going to lead the league in offensive rebounds?

Which team is going to have their season ruined by injuries?

How good are those Orlando Magic blue pinstripe throwbacks?

Could this be the strongest rookie class in years?

What does Gregg Popovich reckon about the upcoming midterm elections?

Might this be the last season of the great Mike Conley/Marc Gasol partnership?

Does anyone dunk harder more consistently than Montrezl Harrell?

Will Lauri Markkanen make the leap forwards to give the Bulls some peace of mind?

On that note, how will Zach LaVine and Jabari Parker go in the Windy City after injury plagued seasons (and careers)?

Who’ll be this season’s Victor Oladipo?

Are we in for yet another record breaking year for three-point shooting volume?

What’s to become of the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Can anybody score on the Utah Jazz?

With all that’s happened, are the Houston Rockets actually any better than last time or have they maybe gotten worse (defensively, at least)?

Aaron Gordon, mate, can you please hit that next level this time?

Is CJ McCollum trying, Jennifer?

Will anybody punch Nikola Mirotic in the face during practice? (Money on Julius Randle)

What’s Donovan Mitchell got for a second course?

How do you spell Giannis Antetokounmpo?

Are we sure Tom Thibodeau isn’t the problem?

How good is PJ Tucker’s sneaker game gonna be now that the NBA has relaxed the rules for coloured kicks?

Where does Carmelo Anthony keep his wine collection… just wondering?

Seriously, who’s more fun than Joel Embiid, on and off the court?

Will Jarrett Allen bring the afro/headband combo back into the NBA mainstream?

Is LeBron James really a Laker or was it all just a terrible, terrible dream?

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