The Wildcard’s NFL Predictions - Week 12

That’s the future of the NFL and I’m not completely comfortable with it… every middling team out there is going to start trying to emulate these two offences and it’s going to be very messy… sorta like basketball teams thinking they have to play like the Golden State Warriors even though they don’t have any all stars, let alone four of them.

The Wildcard’s NFL Predictions - Week 10

Okey doke, so here we are nine weeks into the season and I do believe that there are three leading MVP candidates: Drew Brees is the sentimental pick as probably the greatest quarterback in history never to have won it before, his would be a career reward as much as anything – although his incredible performances in 2018 mean he’d clearly deserve it…

Positive, Negatives and Question Marks For The NZ Breakers After Five Games

The Breakers host Cairns Taipans on Friday looking to get their season heading back in the right direction after so far failing to win consecutive games. They’re only 2-3, which is almost funny to realise because it feels like they’ve been so inconsistent and yet they’re one game away from an even record.