Cristiano Ronaldo Is Taking His Talents to Juventus (For Real, Not Joking)

Yeah okay then Ronnie, go ahead and try overshadowing the World Cup semi-final that you didn’t qualify for then. It didn’t work, mate. France vs Belgium was the be all and end all of football on this day. There’s no overshadowing the flippin’ World Cup, not even in Italy. Nice try but forget about it.

Flying Kiwis – July 11

For the final time, Ali Riley strolled out in her FC Rosengård jerey. At home to Växjö in the last game before the Swedish league takes a break for a month, during which Ali officially joins Chelsea and will jump from midseason back to preseason over in England.

The Return of the Old Fashioned Centre Forward

It wasn’t so long ago that the good old fashioned centre forward was all out of fashion. Spain was winning the World Cup and a couple Euros without one, Barcelona was winning everything at club level without one. But never fear because the 2018 World Cup has shown that the centre forward is making a comeback.  

The People vs Andreas Heraf: Let The Independent Investigation Begin!

Having written pretty substantially about the exploits of NZ Football over the last few years, it was never likely that their press conference was going to offer any dramatic conclusions. Full credit to President Deryck Shaw and CEO Andy Martin for fronting up and answering some Qs but it’s not like they came armed with bombshells to drop.