Roy Krishna Did What Roy Krishna Does and the Welly Nix Got The Late-Season Booster They Needed

The Nix have been a confidence team this season with their fate constantly swinging with the hype of their results. That hype’s on the downswing at the moment. They needed one more of those ahead of that playoff game to get the buzz going again and they needed it desperately.

Scoping The Welly Nix Squad For Next Season (Settle Down, They’re Not All Following Mark Rudan)

Bad news is a well-liked and successful manager leaving your football club. Worse news is when that manager is almost certainly leaving to join a rival club in the same competition. Worst news is when three-quarters of your current squad are still unsigned and might all decide to pop across and join the old gaffer at his new club.

The One About Mark Rudan Leaving the Wellington Phoenix

Alright good people, settle down now. Mark Rudan is leaving at the end of the season. We sorta already knew this news was coming though, right? If he wasn’t willing to shut down the speculation then it meant he was considering it and if he was considering leaving then he was always going to eventually decide that he had to go.

This Welly Nix Team Loves A Little Adversity – They’ve Got Plenty Of It Now

We’ve had a couple days now to contemplate the events of Friday evening. The news breaking about Mark Rudan was one thing, and it’ll get plenty more words as the week progresses, but the performance in Brisbane was unacceptable regardless of whatever else was going on.

The Footy Ferns World Cup Journey Is Heading Nicely In The Upwards Direction After A Win Over Norway

It’s been two months since the Ferns polished up their Cup of Nations work in Australia. It’s two more months before they kick off their 2019 World Cup campaign. Things are seriously ramping up right now and Tom Sermanni has been working against the clock from day one so there’s honestly just no time left for stutters or setbacks.

The Premmy Files – OFC Champions League Quarters

Oh so you thought that Premmy Files was over? Nah mate, plenty more going on even as the season’s come to its glamorous conclusion. The winter club season’s well underway now but Team Wellington and Auckland City still have another few weeks of challenging for silverware as the Champions League hits its latter stages.

Flying Kiwis – April 9

In the 18th minute Chris Wood popped up at the far post and get in there, lad! Asmir Begovic came leaping for it from the corner kick but couldn’t get a touch on the ball and Chris Wood basically had an open header from half a yard out. No dramas for that fella. None whatsoever.

Solving The Welly Nix’s New Right-Back Conundrum

If we’re being honest then the Nix got away lightly on the ol’ injury front until pretty recently. For the longest time it was a couple spare games missed by Filip Kurto in which Oli Sail chipped in brilliantly anyway, and maybe a couple niggles for a couple fringe players that didn’t really affect anything. Suspensions were the bigger problem.

Flying Kiwis – April 2

Michael Woud has been staying ready. Since transferring from Sunderland to Willem II last year he’s been making moves in the background, already working his way up to back-up goalie status and even earning a new contract a few weeks back.

The Premmy Files - Grand Final Review

The simplest way to judge this game was that if it were going to be an open game then Eastern Suburbs had the advantage. If it was, on the other hand, a tight and cagey matchup… that’d lean towards Team Wellington. It was an open game, at one end anyway, and there was nothing Team Wellington could really do about it.

The Premmy Files – Grand Final Preview

It’s really all on the line here. Not just the title but also the second Champions League position for next season. Suburbs would have already qualified had ACFC won through but with the fourth-placed TeeDubs making it this far the winner of this game takes it all and the loser can forget about it.

Flying Kiwis – March 26

The Rapids were the only of the kiwi MLS teams to play this week, with Portland and Minnesota both getting a week off. International break and all that jazz. Away to FC Dallas, it only took three minutes before Dominique Badji – who Anthony Hudson traded away last season – got completely unmarked from a corner routine and smacked one off the post.

The Premmy Files – Semi-Final Review

There are no more promises at this stage of the season. Past results mean little as the entire five months leading up to this point can be wasted away by a single mistake, a single moment of brilliance, and replaced with bitter disappointment. Eighteen games each leading up to it but only the next ninety (to 120) minutes matter anymore.