Wheeling, Dealing, Shuffling, and Stealing

With a hectic finish to the season its time to use this valuable time to buy and sell players. Since the seasons end and in fact even before its climax there has been plenty of speculation and who is going where. The whirlwind of new manager appointments has added fuel to the already blazing fire. There are plenty of question marks and talking points with several players on the move and it's always a crucial part of how a club's season will shape up next time round. Clubs like Spurs, Arsenal, and the Manchester Clubs look like they are going to have some big decisions to make over the next few months - as well as spending large amounts of money.

Firstly lets look at Spurs. The biggest thing for Spurs and one of the biggest stories of the transfer market is the situation of Bale. He's world class, a ridiculously good player and like Gary Neville said "Without Bale, Spurs wouldn't be in the top 8." How far they can go depends on whether he stays or not because he is irreplaceable. Real Madrid have stated interested in the flying Welshman and are even considering spending around 80m for him - which seems excessive but it will definitely seal his signature. Spurs WILL lose him eventually - they are not big enough to keep him. They should not reject such an offer as I'm sure Villas-Boas would like 80m to spend on his squad for next season. This is a typical domino-like effect in the transfer market which could result in another (and probably the biggest move) this summer...

Man United are hoping that the potential switch of Bale to Madrid could be exactly what they need to speed up their quest to bring back Ronaldo. Man Utd are hoping that Madrid will be more tempted on letting Ronaldo go if they secure the services of Bale. Ronaldo has been linked with the move back for awhile but the retirment of Sir Alex may have changed things. Utd are willing to spend 65m on Ronaldo with Nike apparently willing to help with the fee meaning Ronaldo will don a Nike shirt. its 50/50 and most of it at the moment seems like speculation but if it comes off it will be 2 of the biggest moves in recent history. 

The other massive story is the Rooney saga. I cant see him leaving Utd. He'd be stupid to leave, where do you go after Man Utd? Madrid? I don't think they are interested plus he can barely speak English at time let alone another language so I cant see him going abroad. He's been disappointing for 2 seasons now and he needs to sort his head out. Its all down to Moyes now and whether he can be the man to give Rooney his belief, confidence, and clarity back. He's outstanding and the fact that Sir Alex hasn't flicked him like he had done with the Beckhams, Stams, Van Nistelrooys, and Keanes shows how highly the Scot thinks of Wazza. By September 1st  I'm confident Rooney will still be a Man Utd player. 

For awhile now we have heard that Arsenal have plenty of money to spend with their board announcing they are able to compete for Rooney's signature. This is a big season for Wenger and we seem to be saying that every season and it will continue to be that way until they win something. They need to push on now, they have got their stadium, they got stabilized themselves after the stadium cost and are looking economically the strongest club in England behind Man Utd - so now the time is to spend some well-earned money on big players. It's not like Arsenal are far away from a title challenge, all they need is 20 goal a season striker - which they have money to buy, and some depth. They need to feel the void left by Song and Diaby as well as an experienced keeper. Wenger is a smart man and I don't think Arsenal fans will be waiting too much longer for silverware at the Emirates. 

Man City, with their new manager most likely being Pellegrini, may well have a few players going through both exit and entry doors this summer. Barry is linked with Tottenham while Tevez's future is up in the air. Outstanding youngster Isco is linked to be the next purchase after Jesus Navas and Fernandinho both joined during the week and this could mean the end of their City careers for the likes of Sinclair, Nasri and even Dzeko. City were embarrassing last term but they need to be weary of changing a team too much too quickly. They were poor in the transfer market last season and that can be looked at as the main reason they missed out on silverware so there is no surprise in them acting swiftly this time - even before the manager has officially been announced. Time will tell if he is a successful appointment and how fans will warm to him after many being angered by the sacking of Mancini. 

The next season in the Premier League is going to be one of the most intriguing in it's history with so many teams good enough for the title and top 4. The quality and size of the squads will be crucial and all the respective managers - whether newly appointed or not - will know their decisions on the market could be the difference between success and failure. There are a lot of questions to be answered and plenty of deals to haggle over in the next few months, how long will it take for the first domino to fall?