Who's got the biggest joke-innear?

It’s quite fair to say that Newcastle are losing their identity and rapidly. Since Mike Ashley took over the club in 2007, he has shown
his idiocy, incompetence, and total lack of respect to Newcastle United.
Newcastle is a massive club, the Toon army are a loyal and proud group of
supporters. Well they used to be. After saga on top of saga in Ashley’s reign
this week it is going through another comical episode – in the shape of Joe
Kinnear with the Irishman being appointed Director of Football.

Kinnear was in temporary charge of Newcastle in 2008 but had
to leave prematurely due to heart problems. Within the first week of taking over,
after the sacking of Keegan, the press were on his back and Kinnear responded
with one of the most listened to press conferences of all time when he called
out the press with a tirade of abuse, calling one reporter a c@nt. He got some
decent results but still couldn’t steer them from relegation which was
confirmed later that season after Shearer took over. Now the Director of
Football position doesn’t really have a place in England in fact it often leads
to the manager being sacked and the DOF taking over. In England the manager is
seen as the most important position at the club and every decision has to go
through him so a DOF is somewhat of an insult or a chairmen’s attempt to force
out the manager. For all we know that could be Ashley’s intention as he can’t
sack Pardew. If he sacked Pardew he would have to pay out the rest of his 8
year contract. I think Mr Ashley offering an 8 year deal is the root of this
problem that he seems somehow capable of making worse. So basically in one
appointment Ashley has disrespected his manager, made him uncertain over his
future, and pissed off his own fans. 

After Kinnear’s abusive rant a few years ago and his
all-round old-fashioned blunt personality has led to the press wanting to stick
the knives in. The English press is an enemy you don’t want and he doesn’t seem
to have cottoned onto that yet. The press have pounced and Kinnear has again
showed his stupidity by playing up to it with outbursts and rants that he has
lived to regret such as being more intelligent than Toon fans. Shearer has come
out and said this decision has made Newcastle a laughing stock and he’s right.
Kinnear responded by calling Shearer a clueless coach and he’s right too. 

It’s the latest of a series of comical errors at Newcastle
and I feel sorry for the fans who are being treated like mugs here. Since 2007
they have seen managers like Hughton being sacked for no reason, appointment of
absolute has-beens like Keegan and Shearer, the famous St James’s Park having
its name changed for some ghastly commercial brand name, a team with more
French then English, and a wet blanket of a manager who looks more like a pen
salesman – let alone the idiot who owns the place. To top it off the club bar’s
name has changed from Shearer’s – all-time top goal scorer to something else
pretty ghastly. Actually that last one I find the funniest  - I’m looking forward to the encore.