Diary of a Warriors fan - Another summer of hope

Aah, another season of NRL footy is just around the corner. The long, hot days of summer will soon be a memory as the miserable weather of winter brings us rugby league!


Not much seems different this time around, hope that we'll see a champion Warriors team at the end of the season is still countered by the fact that they have always seemed to let us down. Each year it looks like we've got a team capable of dominating the NRL, lots of young talent, a few new signings and a forward pack to rival the giants around the league. Same again this season but I feel a bit different...

Because it is a bit different, just a bit though. I'd say our signings this year have been very good buys. Sam Tomkins is all class, Jayson Bukuya is a replacement for Elijah Taylor who offers a lot more power than Taylor while Chad Townsend follows a host of Aussie halves to come to these shores. Who knows what happened with Harry Seijka last season, but Townsend was the halfback of the year last season in the NSW Cup and has what it takes.

I'm not gonna hide it, I've got a bit of a crush on Matt Elliott. Obviously nothing more than an appreciation of his coaching ability and the fact that he's a bit creative. At the Nichey Niche, we're all a bit creative so creativity is definitely appreciated. This is where my hope stems from, a few very solid signings and a coach who has had time to chill with his lads, get to know our way of life and as is usually the case with the Warriors, there is a need to understand and relate to the younger lads. 

Ever since late last season when the Warriors boss dawgs had that press conference and laid down their plan for the future, our expectations were raised. The media laughed, rugby folk cringed as the on field action didn't resemble the boardroom ambition. It feels like the pot has been simmering for a while now ... ever since that final against the Roosters. I'm ready for that damn pot to explode, bring it on!