State of Origin Game 2

Did anyone else wake up sore, in pain and not wanting to get out of bed this morning!? I did and that was only from watching State of Origin Game 2! Both New South Wales and Queensland showed how tough Origin is and the game was brutal. Like a fairytale, NSW won back the shield in Sydney and have done what many people thought was impossible.

QLD were winning for much of the game thanks to two Jonathan Thurston penalties, but Trent Hodkinson gave NSW the win when he scored with 9 minutes to go. He converted his try and NSW did what they needed to do to stop QLD from scoring.

The shield is back in Sydney for the first time in 9 years.

NSW were led by Paul Gallen who was the man of the match. He was again at his best, charging up field and led his team to glory. Many people don't like Gallen, but he will always now be remembered as the man who led NSW to the impossible.

For the first time we saw QLD get frustrated, Jonathan Thurston who is usually very calm ended up headbutting (only a very small headbutt) Josh Reynolds and both teams were involved in many push and shoves. The great thing about State of Origin is that you leave the hatred on the field and both teams showed their respect for each other, shaking hands after the game.

Congratulations to NSW, it hurts for me because I support QLD but their win streak was going to end some time. This makes the series next year so much more exciting as QLD will be keen to get their revenge while NSW will want to defend their title.