Breaking Down The Tim Southee Situation

For the first two Test matches over in the UAE, Tim Southee had his feet up in the stands with a good book or perhaps a cup of tea as the brains trust of the Blackcaps decided he was the odd man out in a seam attack that needed to be shrunk to accommodate an extra spinner for the conditions.

Blackcaps in UAE: Tremendous Test Series Win

Every cloud has a silver lining and it's not what happens to you, it's all about how you react to what happens. For us kiwis, a lack of Test cricket can easily be flipped into gratitude for what Test cricket we do get, greater appreciation for rockin' the whites and enjoying the grit, graft and class that us kiwis are known for.

Wilder vs Fury Just Reinvigorated The Entire Heavyweight Division

This is what the heavyweight division is all about. This is what we’ve been desperate to see for the last ten years and probably longer. Two absolute champions, one a current belt holder and the other without a belt but with the lineal title, embracing in the ring after twelve rounds of absolute brutality.