Negative Ned - The Knights and Ryders ... Ryder Cup

Look at these idiots at the Niche Cache. All they did was hype up the Northern District Knights, talk up their chances, get us all excited and look what happened - the same old shit. 

What does this tell us? Is it the fact that our domestic game simply isn't strong enough? I mean the Knights are probably the most stacked side in New Zealand in terms of Black Caps so how can they suffer such a switch in momentum?

Kane Williamson went from locking in 52, 14, 53 and 101 to putting up 24 runs in total in his last 3 turns at bat (3, 20, 1). Tim Southee's figures in the last 3 games follow a similar pattern - 1/29, 0/50, 0/32 while Trent Boult didn't go much better - 0/46, 0/43, 0/34. 

And just like that, the ND Knights suffered losses to the Hobart Hurricanes, Kings 11 Punjab and the Barbados Tridents. We all go back to resuming normal service, that's if you fair weathered folk hadn't already but let's be honest, it's pretty stink. 

You know what's even stinker? The Ryder Cup. 

You're asking me to care about a golfing competition that is between the United States of America and Europe? Sure, they're the best golfers even if they decide to act like politicians I mean petty little girls afterwards blaming this guy and that guy, but what about the rest of the world? 

Oh there's the President's Cup. What's that? A tourny between USA and the rest of the world? Why is there so much USA!? Can't we just have a World Cup or something? Like include the rest of the world? C'mon, we're heading in to exciting times, I don't want to be bogged down by the old boys mentality that is everywhere, especially in golf. Let's see some innovation, some excitement. 

It's kinda the same in cricket, the Ashes is pretty much the pinnacle of test cricket. Which is why I wanna see some sort of test cricket tournament. 

On a similar tangent, don't get me started about the Superbowl winners being 'World Champions', same can be said about the winner of the MLB finals being crowned 'World Champions'. No, you're not. Get over yourself.

I think I've whinged myself to dehydration. Time to go hide away for another week.