Sports Fans - We're Missing Out

There's something that really irks me

Get's on my nerves, hurts me

It's not what I see, it's what I don't, gets me dreamy

Fans around the world having so much fun, but what about me?


We go to sport so serious, serenading our egos

The Sydney derby had me the opposite of emo

Fans going nuts, dangerous yet celebratory, a wee bit psycho



Will we one day see, near riots, hugs and kisses, chanting religious rambles?

New Zealand, we're too plain

Plain Jane's. Sports fans? No, sport here isn't borderline religion, unlike jandals

Looking at the group of drunk guys trying to spark up a song, with disdain


Is it that we're no fun? Or that we're too cool?

Everywhere around the world, fans boo

Yet when we boo, it's boo hoo shame on you

Disgusting behaviour, lemme sit here grumpy, the positive vibes never seem to flow through


Kiwis, let down your hair

Flip the bird, go nuts get out a flare

Who the fuck cares? 

We're all just like a hibernating bear

Despite our sporting teams in the sort of form that's rare

Sitting there

Headlights, Bambi, watching the action like a deer

Is it because we're overcome with fear?

Don't judge, the revolution is near


Props to the Yellow Fever