How To Support Your Club

Supporting your club through thick and thin

Showing up every day, not tripping about having to pay

Appears to have disappeared with the wind

As we jump ships with swiftness, how'd it get this way?


It seems that fans these days show support when it suits them

Instead of everlasting passion

They tune in or show up when the club unearths a gem

It's sport not fashion


The idea is, that they're your club

When they win you celebrate and have a few in their honour

But don't be dumb

We're not like this, sometimes we can't even bother


First sniff of trouble and we dip, boost or depart the scene of the crime

Don't even know the names of the starters

For starters should be tattoo'ed in your mind

Every weekend resembles a gathering that's religious, athletes are martyrs


For sport is our religion, shout out to the Pigeon

We go to watch our lads give us a therapy session

It's a blessing, we're the preachers

Sing the songs, abuse the opposition, watch the cheerleaders with nice features


Keep the coach honest, power to the people

Power to the members who fork out for chips and a beverage

A lunatic of an owner could be lethal

Under performing can be handled with fans sending a clever message


So whether you get all this from your local club down the road

Or a club worth billions and millions and trillions

Stick by your team, even through the obscene

Like when your coach becomes a meme