Worldly Weekend News

Yo yo yo yo hello howdy kia ora talofa namaste chur bro welcome. This is the first installment of the Worldly Weekend News where we share the real, actual factual news from around the world. Not the cheesy bullshit you watch at 6pm, the nitty gritty. 

First of all, shares some insight in to what ISIS has been up to in Iraq - basically destroying those who don't agree...

The Yazidis (religous minority) have suffered extremely harshly under IS. Many men who refused to convert to Islam were reportedly executed and at least 2,250 Yazidi women and children are being held as hostage, while others are used as sex slaves.

She added that Iraqi police and government forces had also committed acts that amounted to war crimes. 
Government allied militias opened fire on a mosque in Khanaquin district north east of Baghdad, killing 73 men and boys and Iraqi police executed a number of detainees in Tal Afar.

Iraqi forces have also shelled towns and carried out airstrikes near Kirkuk, Fallujah, and Salahuddin, which killed and injured dozens of civilians.

Ouch. Obviously the Americans have played their role in all of this thanks to people hating them and then the Western world, lovely. So now thanks to all the lovely people involved we have another war, excellent! Australia is in on the act, which probably won't impress the Muslim radicals in Australia who have been cracked down on by the local government. It just sucks on every level, but apparently some people out there who benefit from war? 

Hmm ebola?

The United States just keep on serving up sillyness with the other big story coming out of the States being the secret recordings of the New York Fed (bank regulators or whatever, idiots) and Goldman Sachs (massive bank who are dumb) by a former employee. The tapes basically give listeners an insight in to how the big banks basically control those who control them. Obviously not a good situation for us, but for them $$$$$$$$$$$.

This could go on and on, but we'll have to limit it each week so I'll finish on the protests in Hong Kong. I'll let this wonderful chap named Trace pretty much give you the low down

Watching that video as well as digging around on the interwebs, it sounds like a pretty tricky situation. The BBC puts it concisely

At the heart of the row is how Hong Kong elects its next leader. In August, Beijing ruled that while Hong Kong residents would have a vote, their choice of candidates would be restricted by a committee.

The protesters say this falls short of the free elections they are seeking.

That's all for week one. It's our first one so go easy, we'll go with the flow.Shout out to this guy