Off The Wall with 4-Syth - 3's A Charm

Straight to business, the dance world moves fast and this time it's dropping stuff like its hot in small packages and the number 3 playing a significant role lately.

Pat Cruz drops "I love my Squad", a video that is worth 3 months of shooting, choreying and crafting all in ONE. Yes. One. When you think it's about to end another set starts and so forth for the rest of the video. The first set begins and you already know how chill the vibes are but at the same time every dancer in the vid have the musicality on point - that's hard to do nowadays. The next set has a cute partner set without the physical interaction of partners to "How Many Drinks" and yes it definitely had a girl losing her train of thought. The last set with a guest feature from the lovely Alo Galedo from Brotherhood (2014 World HHI Adult Champions) had girls and their mothers flabbergasted. It was so smooth and fit the reoccurring theme of being chill and dancing till you can no longer dance. I definitely give this video a 10/10 and if not beyond that.

Anaconda has been blowing up in the dance scene and with the exception of Laurence Kaiwai's interpretation this has got to be one of the top notch interpretations. It's not all high tech and fancy with a concept to it, no it's anything but that. Just simple raw footage from selected groups at Tricia Miranda's class. It may be controversial whether the song or dance is suitable for certain ages but dance has no limit. Don't trip!

If you're up to date with the dance scene then you'll know what I mean when I say this has NEW GEN written all over it. What is New Gen? The idea that the future of hip hop is in the hands of the young guns and from what I can see it isn't a bad thing. Adrian Xiong, an 8 year old, kills off to the one and only Tricia Miranda's dancehall/house set to Major Lazer. It makes you wish you were as good as him because I know I did. Tricia's name has been out there a lot and with the annual World of Dance not too far away it makes you think... Who is snatching the awards especially the female and male choreographer of the year award? Hmm.

Leaving with you a final and crucial message - get your tickets for the 14th and 15th Novemeber as Parris Goebel Presents: Moonchild. Queen P will definitely be articulating through dance why she is called the "Freak of Nature" and if you haven't seen her Santigold Medley (a very good classic) I suggest you do because it will give you just abit of insight into the mind of Goebel and what to expect for Moonchild but then again.. who are we kidding? It's Parris Goebel. She is anything but predictable.