Worldly Weekend News

I kick of our Worldly Weekend News with the protests in Hong Kong. Here's another video explaining it all for those who might be a bit unsure

A bit of an update - both sides of this the protest leaders (students, young people, enlightened souls) and Chinese government were supposed to be having talks right about now. Instead the Chinese government decided that it would be "impossible to have a constructive dialogue" and called of talks, which will surely spark up some more protests. The protests had died down this week as you would expect, people have lives to live etc and there was the goal of some sort of discussion with authorities. Instead the Chinese government apparently aren't too fond of the 'you'll never know until you try it' way of thinking - it's impossible. Ugh. The solution of providing a list of candidates for the people of Hong Kong to vote for is pretty flawed as China gets to choose those candidates, so the only real solution is to keep protesting. The United Kingdom, who gave up Hong Kong to China with the idea of Hong Kong maintaining it's democratic identity are conveniently absent in all of this.

How about this for some social media propaganda. Thanks to Military Edge for showing how accurate the United States can blow things up. That would differ from the mass carnage and destruction at the hands of the US, but hey here's the evidence so gotta believe em. Pssst ... we get lied to lots.

This one's a bit tricky, I'm trying my best to stay on top of it and provide the knowledge but it's probably best simply put. NATO is saying that Russia still has 1,000 troops in Ukraine and 20,000 on the border which Russia denies. The ceasefire between both parties involved was described as 'very fragile'. Read more here

That Aussie boss is a bit of a dumbo ain't he? It's emerged that Tony Abbot's daughter got a secret $60,000 scholarship to an Institute of Design, that very few people knew about, not even staff members let alone the public. This opens a can of worms for Abbot as his 'Commonwealth scholarship scheme' to provide greater opportunities for under privileged students, will conveniently not include the school that his daughter got the scholarship for. It appears that Mr Abbot has left a loophole for his elite friends to slide on through. Read more here.

Good old American police huh...

If you didn't know Russell Brand's got a new career path. Besides being funny, he's now funny as well as offering us opinions and thoughts on the world's events that perhaps mainstream media doesn't quite share. He does this via Youtube with his 'Trews' - true news. Lovely, it's safe to say that the Trews, at the very least the concept of it has inspired us to do this thingy ma jig that you're reading right now. So, in honour of the one who is using his profile to bring change to the world, we'll share to you our favourite videos of his each week. He does a fair few so don't worry we'll only share a few, but if this type of thing resonates with you go subscribe and enlighten yourself to the bullshit that we currently get fed.

Hard to disagree here, the western world has this selfishness where we only care if it influences our day to day lives. Instead of reporting on how catastrophic it is and instead of running in fear, why don't we go in to Africa and dedicate some resource to help the situation out. Ya know, be nice to our fellow human beings and help them do what they can't.

I'm going to use the following video as my opinion on the ongoing war in the Middle East. My opinion? Well it follows the view that you'll hear below - the nations blowing shit up in the Middle East, are funding the people who they are attacking. Sounds pretty dumb right?