Off The Wall with 4-Syth - Much Love

If there's one thing the dance community does well, it's definitely showing love and appreciation whether it's a simple AYYY or a standing ovation. We have different ways of showing it so how about we show shed some light on dancers who are way too humble to throw themselves out there unless they're told to do so.

Who is this dude? Scott Forsyth is the name. Crowned as the king of HHI, the hard hitter of Canada, the founder and choreographer of HHI 2014 Adult World Champs or put simple the Papa Bear of Brotherhood (crowds says aw). This dude is so underrated but he's slowly been getting recognition for his craft. I'll be honest this dude has a distinct style and sometimes it may feel like he's just repeating the same moves but man when he experiments and goes out of his comfort zone, you know he's gonna drop it like it's hot. He's had very humble beginnings and as well as his achievements in the dance world and training up two teams for HHI, he's also managed to graduate university with honours and if that's not a good role model for dancers world wide I don't know what it is.

Kyle Hanagami is a house hold name for all dancers. From his well known pieces such as "I would rather go blind" to "Give Me Love" - everybody knows him. But do we know his dancers? The people that bring to life Kyle's visions. The lovely Kyle decided to create web episodes called Making Moves where we get to have an inside scoop behind the scenes of his videos. His latest video "Feenin" puts his dancers at the centre of attention on a whole other level. The musicality, facials and sensuality is on point! Check this out and if you think this is bomb, you have to see the live performance.

She is the epitome of an asian sweetheart. Koharu Sugawara has been dancing her whole life and winning titles in and for Japan. She has danced and choreographed for artists such as 2NE1, Girls Generation, Crystal Key and Rihanna. She's been teaching all over the world in famous dance camps, events and festivals in countries like Italy, UK, Canada, Los Angeles, Germany, Sweden, Singapore, Spain, Norway, Poland and many more. Is there any place she hasn't been? This piece to "Rather Be" by Clean Bandits perfectly defines her dancing style and herself as a person. We are for sure on team KOKO!

Me & @thomasrose__ are getting up to no good for #MoonchildTheshow 😁 strumming my heart. This week!

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Parris Goebel is giving hints at what she has in store for her latest production and who better to be in it then the Jimi Hendrix of the NZ dance scene, Mr Thomas Rose. Get your tickets fast to MoonChild as a part of the Southside Arts Festival. The show will be on the 14th and 15th of November at Mangere Arts Centre. Be there or be a weird rubix cube. I for one cannot wait to see what Parris has in store and if it's anything like her shows before such as Murder on the dancefloor, GoldMynd and FreeMynd we are all in for a ride.