Off The Wall with 4-Syth - The Best Of Both Worlds

As dancers we often get chorey block and tend to rack through our brains or force ideas out which results in a complete mess. Sometimes all we need is someone else. One creative mind can win the war but two creative minds can conquer the world.

The couple that every dancer looks up to, the couple that made being old seem cool, the couple that do what they love with their love through his love - Keone and Mari Madrid. They epitomise every dancer's dream of marrying somebody who is just as passionate and competitive about the craft than they are. They have released many duets but this one had to be the one that melted the hearts of many. The way the movement perfectly accents the voice of Sam Smith has everybody feeling nothing but heartache, passion and the love that these two share. I would win every staring contest if I was against any visual of these two dancing.

Homegrown NZ talents, Paul Wilson and Kayla Paige have been working on a beautiful dance piece set to "Goddess" by BANKS. The chemistry is so strong between these two, unbreakable if you will. My favourite part would have to be the scene where Paul and Kayla dance within the isolated space of two staircases at the Auckland Art Gallery. Their use of focus, tempo and textures are just as outstanding as their make up and choice of costume (dressed by Ash Monsen in Nom'd, Adidas Originals, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Staple & Cloth and Dr Martens with make up by Jaz Garner). No doubt this is hip-hop art in its truest form. Claps and clicks to this dynamic duo. I can guarantee you will fall in love after watching this.

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Now this... this is something only a few people were lucky enough to witness. The lovely Miss Parris Goebel recently brought to life her latest creation - Moonchild. A crowd favourite was definitely when the power of two collided where Parris' choreography fitted hand in hand with Thomas' musical gifts strumming the hearts of girls everywhere. Although he managed to loop the same tune of D'Angelo's "How does it feel" over 20 times.. it was never boring or annoying. In fact it made us want more. To witness this one more time would definitely be a treat but all good things have an end. I hope to see more collaborations of these two in the future.

They call themselves Beauty and the Beast and well we all know why. I ship these two 100% and will continue to do so as long as they are breathing. The connection and fluidity of these two is amazing to watch, it's like they think as one. The cute thing about this is that they share their connection with a class who absolutely feel it too. We love team immabeast!

If there is one collaboration the dance world will definitely never forget - it would be Parris Goebel and Shaun Evaristo moving to Primetime by Janelle Monae and Miguel. If this is what happens when two dancers are put in a hotel room together then hello!! I can't express how sensual, mesmerising and exciting this piece is so you'll have to watch it yourself to see what I mean what when I say that although it is simple, it gives back so much.