Off The Wall with 4-Syth - Moving Thoughts

As dancers we are artists and the dance floor is our canvas. A household saying for dance through our New Zealand. Nowadays, many people release dance videos for exposure or just to get their names out there without any deeper meaning which defeats the purpose of this beautiful art form. But there are those who showcase something so deep, even Adele can't roll in it.

Shaun Evaristo. Some call him the Yoda of the dance game. He is at the forefront of his time. Shaun hasn't dropped a video in a very long time and this piece to Retrograde by James Blake explains all the reason why. He speaks for those who are constantly in the state of transition while staying true to themselves and being free from the hip hop genre hype. How has he managed to evolve through the years and stay true to himself without compromise? We will never know. But enjoy this because everyone knows that when Shaun dances , he is a moving piece of art.

We love Kyle. He's of a rare breed where no matter what he releases it has a deeper meaning. Kyle showcases a softer form of hip hop - lyrical. What is lyrical? Many have argued over this new, controversial sub genre of hip hop but it's simple, it has all the elements of Ballet, Jazz, Tap without actually being any of them. The key to understanding lyrical hip hop is the emotional connection which is clearly shown in Kyle's video. The dancers try to tell the story of a song by using gestures, facial expressions and any other means as well as movement.

What can I say about these boys without being bias? They hardly ever post anything (like ever) but the one time they did it was insane. The concept takes us through the mind of Identity Dance Crew. Yeah not just one of them but all and it is quite crazy. It showcases the main styles of who they are and their "identity" as dancers. Warning! You may feel A BIT mental after watching this. I know I did.

Miss Rie Hata all the way from Japan is a household name for all hip hop dancers. Known as the Queen of Swag for her fresh moves and stylish outfits - she's got the whole package. Making her comeback she dropped a hot release to Lil Jon's Get Low using the new gem dancers which is quite a risky move but she pulled it off. I loved this video, it wasn't your usual dark emotional themed video with a deep underlying message as always. Most dancers lie when they say they started dancing because it's their passion, in fact most dancers started because it is fun and that is basically what Miss Hata is trying to articulate.

Ending of this week, I'm heading a bit off topic to show what's happening in World of Dance Seattle brought to you by the dance world's sweetheart Megan Batoon. You get to see the robotic hypnotic Poreotics Dance Crew, the fabulous Flavahz girl, a catchup with Scott Forsyth and get the inside scoop of who took it out in Seattle.