The Midweek Bulletin

Howdy doodle and welcome to the Midweek Bulletin. It's pretty self explanatory so I'm sure you can figure what this is all about, if not, no biggie. 

There's only one place to start to be honest and that's in Sydney where Phil Hughes is still in a critical condition after getting a bouncer to the head. Terrible, all round terrible and watching the footage doesn't really do a whole lot besides give you terrible vibes throughout your body. Hopefully Hughes can find a way to troop through this and can emerge on the other side. There's also the young quick who delivered the ball Sean Abbott who, by all accounts is a fine young pace bowler and he'll be in a bad state. Cricket Australia has done a great job of offering support to those who need it while the cricketing world has come together to offer their support to Hughes and Abbott.

Hughes was playing for South Australia against his old side NSW, so he had plenty of friends and former team mates on the field. He's well liked and seeing David Warner leave the field with Hughes on the medicab will be an everlasting memory.

Still in Australia, Shane Flanagan wasn't happy about being asked a few questions about the supplement program that was introduced under his watch. Flanagan's returned back to the Cronulla Sharks after serving his pathetic ban and all he could do was throw a little tantrum, lovely.

I saw that Samoan officials claimed that the issues regarding them and their players had been resolved. I saw it and didn't believe it as those officials have long lost the trust of their players and the public, so no surprises to hear that the players have a different view. It's clear that the Manu Samoa players aren't getting through to their officials and that the officials are so far up their back sides it isn't funny, so how's it going to get resolved? I'm not sure, but it can't be swept under the rug so hopefully the players continue to kick up a fuss and unions around the world really start to take notice.

Welcome to the Blues Jimmy Cowan! ... ? Auckland has recently shown a great history of picking up players from elsewhere despite the copious amounts of talent in their back yard. However, picking local lads hasn't really worked so we turn to Jimmy Cowan to help fix the Blues. I'm not 100% sold, it strikes as desperate and a quick fix. The Blues can either go for a whole bunch of quick fixes, or they can overhaul everything ... sucks to be them.

It's super exciting to see Bessie Manu move from the Waikato-BOP Magic to England and Bath. It's the first step in really raising the bar of netball around the world, it's not a massive game changing step but it is a step so congrats to all involved. 

It's also exciting to see people continue to bring the ruckus in Ferguson and around the United States. The ignorance and arrogance of officialdom in the US is laughable, it's completely understandable that people have had to resort to riots and protests to be heard. It's hard to celebrate riots and destruction of cities as it damages innocence, but I haven't been disrespected to the extent that they have so who am I to judge. I mean shit, if a New Zealand teenager who was unarmed got shot for no reason, who knows what might happen.

Lastly a few positive things for the creative folk. Here's an interview from Radio NZ with Tom Scott of the Homebrew Crew, who is currently based in Melbourne. It's an awesome interview and Scott drops copious amounts of wisdom through. It's a radio interview, so don't be dumb and expect video footage. Good from Melody Thomas @WriteByMelody

Then there's also Tom Gould, who was interviewed by Vice about his new film about a strip club.

Kia kaha.