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The Niche Cache, we're not politicians, nor are we religious peace keepers capable of offering diplomatic solutions to tricky situations. Nah, all we know is keeping it real and sport, obviously sport.

We live in troubling times. Times that are troubling because not a whole lot has changed in the past thousand years or so. We still hate each other because of different religious beliefs. Christians and the Western world live in a constant state of fear, an extreme brand of Muslims hold the world in the finger tips, violence is their motive, revenge for the constant bombings of innocence for no reason. 

It's a two way street of hatred because the Christian/Western world (I'm lumping them together yup) continue to preach propaganda that all Muslims are terrible people who are going to kill you at their first opportunity. A certain group of Muslims have had enough of America bombing them for no reason, resulting in any country in the back pocket of America being a target. Yes, that means New Zealand - you voted for this government, so I assume you're ok with being the USA's bitch boy.

Yet, I love cricket. While Australia was spreading fear throughout it's land, their cricketers were in an intense battle against Pakistan. Pakistan is a nation that has long had questions asked about it's cosy-ness with terrorist activity, in fact, USA sends drones in to Pakistan to blow shit up for thrills. Yet we saw Australia and Pakistan in good spirited sporting competition. There was mutual respect, Michael Clarke maintained dignity and good sportsmanship despite being smashed in all aspects.

Pakistan's cricket team are largely followers of Islam. The great Mohammad Yousef, formerly Yousef Youhanna changed his name as he switched from Christianity to Islam and got a whole lot more runs in the process. As Australia locks down for the G20, as they raid anyone who praises Allah, their Christian cricketers were laughing with Pakistan's Muslim cricketers. 

I am pretty certain that not once during their test series did either a Pakistani or an Australian think to themselves - 'I want to kill that guy because he's not like me'. Obviously not. Sport has a great way of making nothing else matter, while we see violence at many European football games due to differences in beliefs and opinions I reckon that sport can solve a fair amount of the world's problems. Why don't the Americans take up cricket and man up their balls to play Afghanistan? I want to see this for no other reason than they can see that their opposition are normal human beings as well. 

We live in a world where being a Muslim carries huge and dangerously ignorant stereotypes in the Western world. I know a whole heap of people who celebrate Ramadan, who give their respects to Allah throughout the day and I don't know any Muslim who would contemplate living up to the stereotypes placed on them by silly people. Sport allows those stereotypes to be broken down and thrown in to the trash, I'm all for that. 

Did anything terrible happen in the Pakistan vs Australia series? No, besides Misbah ul Haq going nuts with the bat. Will anything terrible happen in the Pakistan vs Black Caps series? No. In fact, no one is even raising the idea that something could happen which shows that there's a weird double standard at play here. We don't fear sending cricket teams to the middle east, but we fear someone wearing a burka, we fear someone who simply mentions Allah out loud. 

Sport, please continue to bring the world together. Please continue to provide common sense to situations that lack any sort of reason. Peace, love and unity.