Off The Wall with 4-Syth - Leadership, Love and Lulz

There's three things behind a successful dance community - leadership, love and lulz. The dancing season never really ends and in between all of that we have to balance sleeping, eating, school, work and many other things. We have those days of doubts but we already know what we signed up for and we sure as hell wouldn't trade it for anything else.

The week starts off with UDC (Urban Dance Camp) releasing some exclusive footage which takes us into the class of Quick Crew. These boys started in 2007 and come from Norway. The exciting thing about this crew is not only the fact that they've been dominating the dance game since 15 but they're all brothers. Their dream started in a youth club and from then on grew and look where they are now? Kudos to the Malik brothers. We love them and their style!

Keone spills the beans on why dancers do it worldwide? Why we do it? We do it for the TURNIP! The latest trend music wise for all dancers has been the music of artists such as Lecrae, Andy Mineo and Trip Lee, put simply gospel rap. However, "Manolo" has been blowing up in the dance world for various reasons and we've had dancers such as Scott Forsyth and Yuni Dachi to name a few who have choreographed to this song and blew up big time but Keone has absolutely murdered this piece. It's been a while since "solo" Keone has given us something the last time being "Lois Lane" in 2012 and it's not like his projects with Mari haven't been kill off because they definitely have but we definitely love solo Keone. This is hands down the best dance video of 2014 and myself along with many others agree nobody can and has or will top this. Not only does he have a goofy pun concept about turnips but he includes the lovely Cookies team. For me personally, Kayla Graham (girl in the beanie) stood out with her effortless movement and cheeky glances every once in a while. The creative genius-ness of Keone deserves about a million standing ovations and so much more.

Wildabeast lives up to his name producing sets that are absolutely beast. Not only does he make CHOREY but the dancers he trains up whether they're Lil Beasts or Beauties - they destroy many dancers' self esteem with the way they move. We see a few familiar faces in this video such as CJ Salvador, Sean Lew and Dominique Battiste. One face we definitely can't erase is little miss Kaycee Rice who proves why she's apart of the "Lil Beast movement", she absolutely slays and perpetuates the idea of New Gen in the dance community.

The Dukes and Duchesses academy tour has officially ended finishing in Tauranga. 3 members of the Royal Family were assigned to different parts of New Zealand, training up hand picked students in the process of choreography and crafting their creative ideas so it's easier to make their own style - something that most young dancers don't necessarily get a lot of training in. The dance community applauds Kiel Tutin, Kerri Milne and Dez Soliven for their sharing wisdom of creating innovative choreography and musicality to the new gen.

I know a lot of girls all around the dance community feel like a proud mother when they see how far the dance world's Riri has come. From 8 Flavahz to World of Dance to her spotlight performance in Usher's Good Kisser performance at the BET Awards - this has definitely been Kay Kay's year. Not being a trained dancer herself, she spreads her wisdom of how you can only be the best if you have dedication and observation. This speed transitioning and sensual dance puts us under Kaelynn's trance once again.

Everybody stay posted for Brian Puspos' short film being released on the 10th December filmed by the lovely Commonless. Don't sleep on it, it's something that's not to be missed.