Off The Wall with 4-Syth

In the midst of the chaotic dance end of the year shows, dinners and awards where us dancers have a million things to worry about - we find peace in seeing new video drops during breaks or talking about so and so's latest concept while putting lashes on. The dressing room dance debates are simply the best.

Brian Puspos released his short dance film, "The X show". It's follows the cliche storyline of the underdog beating the alpha jock and getting the girl ... well almost getting the girl. Before you think that you've seen this all before, think again. Puspos clearly articulates the meaning of each scene and although the whole short film may seem like it's for pure entertainment - each scene, person and costume has significant meaning to Brian Puspos himself. Although the choreography didn't disappoint, the idea itself lacked that edge to actually call it a short dance film, he was better off labelling it as a long dance video. However, the X show gets you on your feet dancing along and being apart of the X show experience too.

Coming across this from the Keone and Mari, I am glad I did. Does the name Dom Byrd sound familiar? Well it isn't supposed to be. This rising star released his first choreographic concept video to "Reason" from good old Nas' "Street's Discipline" album that dropped in 2004. He basically sat on this choreography for a year and with everything going on felt this was the perfect time to release it. Although it has a small amount of choreography, the concept is absolutely powerful. Take a peep at it and soak in it for a while until you can sum up your thoughts about it. Well done to Dom, if this is anything to go by how his future will be - it's a very bright one.


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It's been a while since the Queen Bey of the dance world Miss Parris Goebel has treated us with a video along with the fabulous ReQuest girls and well we are all in for a treat. Keep a look out!

The Little beasts trained under Will 'Wildabeast' Adams break it down to some Ciara in their show reeling for promotional and commercialised auditioning.

The bubblegum babies trained under Parris Goebel will always be a crowd favourite at HHI and this is exactly why. In their 2013 performance where they practically looked like the mini version of ReQuest and Sorority mixed - we are all blown away at the skill level they demonstrate and it definitely isn't in the junior division.

The New Gen has everything under control if the Little Beasts and Bubblegum babies are anything to go by. The hip hop scene is definitely evolving however it's still argued whether it's in a good or bad way.

Don't miss out on The Faculty NZ Workshop at TAPAC in Western Springs, Auckland this weekend on the 20th December. It would be dumb to miss the chance of dancing with NZ Dance legends Andrew Jones, Oscar Wilson and Thomas Rose.