BreakNix, A Poem

We've come along way from the Kingz

An empty Mt Smart, you could hear your mate fart

A semi empty Cake Tin, yet the Yellow Fever sing

While the Breakers have Lord Cedric, hitting gaps like a go-kart.


Forgive me for getting overly excited about the Phoenix

But there are signs of life, we've come a long way from consistent strife

The Breakers have rings, but they're fiends hunting for a fix

Try as they might, in 2014 the fruit wasn't quite ripe


As if summer wasn't glorious enough, besides cricket and other stuff

We have two Kiwi teams bringing the ruckus weekly, grinning

Not just existing, but competing, staying relevant without the fluff

We've got 3's from C-Web and booming clearances from Siggy #winning


The Breakers are contenders

The Nix? Let's hope for the best

Remember when they were both nothing more than pretenders?

One day they'll both be better than the rest from the island to our left