The Midweek Bulletin

Anyone else think it's kinda weird that the UFC still has to sidestep silly rules and laws just to take their circus to different states in the USA and nations around the world? It's far from the blood sport that many folk pigeon hole it as and we could be about to witness the biggest UFC event in our part of the world, in the near future.

Politics, possibly the dumbest people on the planet competing for the 'I'm a petty teenager' award, yeah well that could be the reason why we see the UFC in Melbourne. They had their state elections or something and a change in leadership could pave the way for the octagon of the UFC to be allowed in Victoria. Following this, the Daily Telegraph in Australia reported that Dana White is keen to combine Melbourne's uber sporty nature with the UFC and put on a big old show. The UFC won't just have an event in Melbourne, they'll be keen to go nuts and make an impact - change perceptions etc. Don't be surprised to see a UFC event in Melbourne in a few months and don't be surprised if there's a title fight. I won't mention names, but there's a plethora of fighters who could be headed down under that will draw huge crowds in.

Jeremy Brockie! Why you leaving us bruv? Probably because Roy Krishna's better than you, nah sorry Jezza. Brockie looks to be heading to South Africa of all places to further his footy career so all the best to him. Brockie has been a decent soldier for the Wellington Phoenix, but the time has come. Will this also mark the end of his All Whites career? There's a few young lads who could make a comprehensive case for keeping Brockie out of the national set up moving forward ... that and the fact we'll have no idea what he's up to in the glorious continent of Africa.

Trent Merrin aye, apparently $1.8 milly over 3 years isn't enough for him. The Dragons made an offer that Merrin's manager wasn't too happy about, well I'm sure he was over the moon as Merrin will attract big bucks from a range of clubs. I imagine a club like the Roosters will make a big play, or and here's a big spanner in to the mixer - they're just playing hard to get with the Dragons. Just an idea.

Big up big up to Taniela Tupou for making the decision to join the Queensland Reds but it just makes things a whole lot more confusing in this part of the world. He's a lad who moved from Tonga to Auckland to play for Sacred Heart College (no doubt SHC went to Tonga to get him) and he's now with the Reds. One would assume this means that his future lies with the Wallabies? It's the same confuzzing issue in rugby league and it's one that won't be resolved anytime soon. Personally, I'd love to see Tupou extract all he can from the Reds and represent Tonga. But let's be honest, that won't happen.

Obviously the English are taking the piss with their 'World XV'. Don't get your knickers in a twist.

Lastly, with Zane Tetevano's contract being torn up by the Manly Sea Eagles thanks to another domestic violence case, it's clear that there's a problem. Why these young men feel the need to violently act out against females is beyond me, maybe it's the testosterone, maybe it's the lack of brain cells, maybe ... maybe they just think it's ok? It's an issue that isn't confined to sport as we all know that it's an societal issue, those who dismiss it as an issue in society are just as bad as those who commit the crimes.