Midweek Bulletin - Ko, ko, ko

As a nation of tall poppy chopper downers, half way up the stalk, yup right there slice it down! I think we're setting ourselves up for disappointment with Lydia Ko, which will unfairly result in us all complaining about how she doesn't care about New Zealand, or that she's gotten too big for boots. Ko has decided to turn out in the New Zealand Open, for the ladies, which is obviously pretty cool.

The line being pushed is that Ko turned down a jackpot of a tournament in Thailand, to play some golf in New Zealand in front of her adoring fans. Had Ko decided to play in Thailand, those same fans would have had a cry and Ko would once again be the the centre of snarky comments. It's hard to see Ko having many other choices this time around, she simply had to play in Aotearoa after spending the year doing the rounds around the world - it's a great decision on her behalf as we applaud her for taking less many and not forgetting her roots, top gal.

Ko won't play in the Open every year though, she has a golfing world to conquer. In that sense I couldn't care less how often she plays in NZ because there's much bigger fish to fry. So while it's a great boost for Ko (and her image amongst NZ's band-wagon community) and New Zealand Golf who will count a few more stacks of cash thanks to Ko's presence, there has to be a plan B. If NZG sit on their hands and rely on Ko to give them the publicity and financial rewards, that she sometimes might offer, they won't go anywhere. They'll be sitting stale, as Ko dominates the world of golf. 

Hats off to Nathan Burns for his call up to the Socceroo's, thoroughly deserved chief. The form of Burns has been simply outstanding and should be a lesson to all sportsmen and women reaching for higher honours - the best way is to demand selection with your performances. But to be honest I don't care how Burns goes with his Australian side and I don't care how that Australian side goes because I'm not Australian. Burns will miss a few games for the Phoenix and give that he earned the call up thanks to leading the Nix through a few glorious weeks, it's going to be interesting to see how Ernie! Merrick and the Phoenix handle the absence of Burns. 

I was going to get all Negative Ned about this, but I'll settle with it being an intriguing test for Merrick and his troops. I mean, they've got Roy Krishna so it'll be all good! Is Jeremy Brockie still around? For me it will either provide a young buck a bit of a chance, or we could see a style switch. Either way it will be bloody interesting. It won't be so much fun seeing Burns sitting on the bench though, he'll be behind the likes of Tim Cahill, Robbie Kruse and Mathew Leckie so he might not even get much of a run. It's all good though, this could be the sort of test for the Nix that they need to show themselves and us and the rest of the A-League that they mean business. 

Ya know what's also extremely interesting!? The opinion of former players ... oh wait, no it's not. Sorry Sir Richard Hadlee, no one cares.

The best thing about Christmas is the copious amounts of sport that is on offer. Not on Christmas day, but on Boxing day and beyond. Don't go shopping, don't give it to the extreme levels of desire for material goods that mean absolutely nothing, no, watch some sport with your loved ones! Here's what's on offer

  • Black Caps vs Sri Lanka. The return of Test cricket in Christchurch, at the beautiful Hagley Oval. She's gonna be a goodun'!
  • Australia vs India. Boxing day at the MCG, besides the above there isn't much better than a Boxing day at the G. The good thing here is they are both on all day but they over lap a bit so you can definitely catch a fair share of the Aussies while giving the Black Caps the attention they deserve.
  • I thought Steve Adams might be playing some Christmas day basketball, but he isn't :(. OKC play the Hornets the nek day, Saturday for us so not too shabby.
  • The same can be said for Winny, Winston Reid. I'm happy to be patient though as Reid's West Ham take on Chelsea #boom. That's on Saturday our time.
  • Leicester are also in action, taking on the disgusting Spurs on the same day. Maybe Chris Wood will play, maybe he won't but if he does he better knock a few in.
  • The Nix are in action on the 28th against the Western Sydney Wanderers, at home, nuff said.
  • The Breakers are on a bit of an away journey, they'll play Sydney on Boxing day, in Sydney. They'll then head to Adelaide in the new year, tune in, show some support on Twitter or something but don't forget about them!
  • A whole new round of domestic cricket kicks off on the 27th. The 50 over stuff, my second favourite - Aces vs Firebirds, Stags vs Canterbury and Volts vs Knights. Just on the Knights - fuck the po-po and the fun po-po who obviously don't trust cricket fans. That's what it is people! They don't trust you to bring your own alcohol. They don't trust adults and their consumption of alcohol. That's the world we live in where too many people make decisions for you, the public. Fuck that.