Off The Wall With 4-Syth - Christmas Spirit Remixed

As Christmas nears, all these dancers are coming out of nowhere or are suddenly being discovered. This week it's been a woman's world in dance. Sorry boys.

Aya Sato, the deadly duo from Japan hit us with the sickest routine of Vogue. The vogue community has its own appreciative and committed fan base which is usually underground that started back in the early 1970s but gained exposure in the new millennium when Vogue Evolution made a mark on ABDC. Voguing is established as a dance form that is practiced in the gay ballroom scene and clubs in major cities throughout America mainly New York. However, whether you're a krumper, b-boy or popper - I promise you by watching this routine you'll want to vogue just as much as the godfather of Vogue, Willi Ninja.

The dance world's girl next door, Megan Batoon, has turned bad and has definitely landed herself on the naughty list with this new video. Not her usual type of choreography dance, she brings to life the concept video about Santa's daughter going on a mission in her father's secret room to find something unexpected. It's obviously not your usual "manly" dance set from Megan but is in fact the complete opposite. I guess it's those types of videos that eventually grow on you. By the end of the video you'll know why Megan may no longer be the girl next door but the naughty girl.

All the way in New Zealand, Queen P, graced us with a look into a ReQuest Dance Rehearsal and for all dancers we know that means one thing - a dance video. With the help of Kiel T, ReQuest Dance crew, Sorority Dance crew, Duchesses Dance crew and the sassy 6 they brought to life 7/11. Some would definitely say this should've been the music video for Beyonce. ReQuest strikes again. If this is anything to go by, everybody should be worried for HHI.

The lovely ladies from M.Eye.A in Auckland, team up with a few of the skux boys over the ditch in Brisbane from A.O.B (Academy of Brothers). It's a sweet and short concept with a funny twist where in the end the girls have the last say.

They don't call her the Queen for nothing. Parris Goebel shows us why she's heading the throne of the dance game and epitomises what royalty is in this set to Ice Cube's You Can Do it where she perfectly demonstrates what it means to transition between different qualities and how to execute textures. I honestly believe this is definitely one of the top 20 favourites of 2014, hands down.

The years coming to an end in a few weeks so that means the infamous countdown. Mentally prepare yourself, you're in for a sweet ride as next week I bring the most unforgettable dance videos and a few surprises here.