All Black Everythang - English Trolls

There's only one way to explain the lack of All Blacks in some sort of 'World XV' named by some English media - trololololololol. Hats off to the English for the lovely troll, the way much of New Zealand got their knickers in a twist shows just how sensitive we as a nation are with regards to our All Blacks.

The English have a long history of getting on our nerves, whether it's ripping in to the fact we've got a few players with pacific island heritage ... as they do as well, or whether it's crying about the haka. Usually there's some Richie McCaw cheating claims thrown in for good measure - sorry but he's just better at it than your lot. The cynical side of me reckons they'll do anything to unsettle our wee nation in terms of rugby, the other side of me just reckons they're kinda silly.

Either way, the old boys clubs of rugby lovers in New Zealand weren't happy. Them not being happy would suggest that they expected more from the English, which is the first problem. Are we that insecure about our All Blacks that we have to stick up for them when silly folk fire shots at them? We have the best rugby team in the world, by quite some distance and we worry ourselves with plebs!?

It's pretty clear that any, I don't care if it's the IRB's 'World 15' (I'm not a Roman, so I just use numbers) or an English newspapers version or even if a local media outlet take a turn. It simply doesn't matter because well, not a lot matters in the three years between a World Cup. As we have realised, you can be the best rugby team in the world but not be the best rugby team because you choked at the World Cup.

We all know where the All Blacks sit in world rugby at the moment - upon a throne. There's no game of thrones, there's no raging war for the throne, there's no back stabbing, there's no poisoning of a young man, there's just the All Blacks. As shown on the recent European tour, the All Blacks are head and shoulders above everyone else. The combination of perhaps one of the best All Blacks teams ever and the rest of world rugby being mediocre, means that it's a no contest. This may all change next year. Maybe someone, maybe a team, anyone, maybe they'll find the All Black Slayer. I don't know what it is, but whatever it is it helps you beat the All Blacks and at the moment it's safely in Shag's hands.

There's a saying about lions, they don't bother themselves with the opinions of sheep. 

The All Blacks are lions and as servants of Aotearoa, we are lions.