Off The Wall with 4-Syth - Christmas Tree Vibes

It's officially December and for dancers we all know that means we get a week's holiday (how lovely). It also means all dancers gift everybody with a little bit of their own art before the year is up.

This week starts up with a sweet royal treat from the infamous Royal Family. World Champions 3 years in a row and deemed unbeatable from HHI judging panel. They collaborated with World of Dance peeps and dropped their video for old times sake to Ice Cube's "You Can Do It". They blend up the peak of hip hop street dance with old school and it just gives everyone an all round good vibe. A special note for all those wishing to upskill and plan on auditioning for the Royal Family. Co-choreographer, Kiel Tutin, is offering private one on one lessons before January auditions. Private message him on facebook or email if you are keen. This is an amazing opportunity so don't waste it and get in before it's too late to get taught by royalty.

I love Bam. I don't think anybody hates Bam and if they do something is seriously wrong with them. Bam and friends embody his hard hitting, fast movement perfectly. The musicality is on point as usual and Bam being his humble self makes sure the video is as simple as he is with no fancy concept behind it just a set for the world to feel. It's been a very very VERY long time since he's dropped something and well he definitely didn't disappoint with this one. We're definitely excited for the next time Bam graces us with something and word on the street is he's got an ever growing army that just recently expanded from Los Angeles to Europe. We are excited for what Bam is cooking up for 2015!

The picture says it all. 10th December - Brian Puspos will be releasing his short dance film teaming up with the absolutely amazing creative mind Commonless. Commonless is the genius behind majority of Puswood's concept videos so I can guarantee this will be mind blowing. Keep an eye for it.

They call her the Lorde of the dance world. Not because of her crazy hair (ok maybe it is) but because she's a little bit different in the craft of dance. They say you can't dance unless you're moving your feet. Dytto proves this to a total myth and although she isn't the first too, she really convinces us this kind of dance does in fact exist. The veterans of dance call it cubist dancing - you move very little yet it moves the audience. I am personally not a big fan of tutting only because you're either born with tutting hands or you aren't but up until this video, I definitely won't rule it out as something to get better at. A massive thumbs up to Dytto for this effortless piece.

We love Keone and Mari and will say it a million more times if it expressed even a fraction of how much love we really do have for them. As apart of "Dance For A Wish", they successfully melt our hearts with this piece articulating the modern day relationships in society ASWELL as their own. The chemistry is as overwhelming as every beat they hit. All I have to say is (and I know every dancer will agree with me) - Relationship Goals.

If you aren't doing anything on the 20th December, head on down to TAPAC, 100 Motions Road in Western Springs, for the the Faculty NZ workshops hosted by Oscar Wilson, Thomas Rose and Andrew Jones. $15 per/class or $35 for all 3 classes. Register at to maintain your spot. I can guarantee you don't want to miss this and it's a perfect time to groove and let loose to help get into the Christmas spirit.