All Blacked

Bit of a rap/poem about the All Blacks, depends on your perspective really. Feel free to put a little instrumental on the back ground and switch the style up and let the money pile up.

All Black everything, All Black this and that

Wallabies got their heads spinning, Sir Richie all about that racks on racks

So kiwi they roll up in a black Corolla, rims not spinning, 

Blacked out windows so you think they're selling sacks,

They're just the All Blacks, cracker jacks

No turban, but they in a similar class to Andre 3 stacks

How can you hate on a team all about the defence

What's the difference? Swift attack, protect your neck, it's common sense

Never witness that past tense, still great, hell bent

While the rest of the rugby world save up their cents

No arrogance or ignorance, 

Just joy at seeing Aussies slow burn like incense

Peer less, like a single sock

But aware of the sleeping Springbok

All Black everything, All Black this and that,

I love you Beauden Barrett