Negative Ned - SBW

They say that negative news sells, well thankfully we're not in the news business. We preach the positive here at the Niche Cache, because who really wants to read a whole bunch of negative shit that goes for shock factor to get a few views? We do however believe in sharing both sides to the story, so while we'll continue to keep the general positive vibe throughout the Nichey Niche, we'll offer up some negative views for all you Neds and Nevilles. Just cos we can really. Oh, and to show we can do it better than them.

Sonny Bill Williams aye. An easy place to start, but we'll add our bit of funk to it to keep it different. SBW bowed out of the NRL, he did so as only SBW can, giving his all and generally being awesome against the Bunnies. He'll go to rugby, wait he's probably already hopped on a plane, got the All Blacks playbook and is remembering how to hit a ruck. For some reason he's being rushed back in to the All Blacks set up, probably because he wants to. Strange.

What this kinda shows us though, is that there's a need for SBW in the black jersey, rather swiftly. Is there really though? I dunno, there's some pretty handy lads who can do a decent job for me, with Malakai Fekitoa leading that list followed by a pretty long list of All Black ready and future prospects in the wings. We're the great New Zealand for shit's sake! We've got rugby players lining up, ready to go just add some hot water. 

But there's SBW. Either SBW comes in and takes the place of a young gun, pushing him to the bench to chill for a minute (either maintain patience or get sick of waiting and head abroad and then receive criticism for doing so) or SBW chills out and people kick up a fuss about what a waste of time he and the process is. I get the slightest whiff of desperation. 

This is all only going to make the All Blacks midfield a murky river, full of mangroves and eels. It's going to get messy, I can see it and whether it's SBW, another player, the media or the public, someone will get their knickers in a twist. What happens if we turn to custard at the next World Cup? 

Hmm, at least SBW and Sam Burgess can continue their battle.