Football, What Is Football?

Common sense would say that Football is soccer. I mean in soccer you run around and use your foot to move a ball around - Football. You're not allowed to use your hands so, Football.

But there are many types of Football. There's the type of Football where you throw a ball to another guy who catches it. The use of one's foot happens sporadically and it's usually only limited to the punter/kicker - a guy who basically does nothing.

That Football is about as far away from Football as you can get, I mean they wear helmets. But their league is called the NFL - National Football League. You know Americans, I'm just happy they don't call it the World Football League. Ah, but they do compete for the World Championship ... yup the winner of the National Football League is the World Champ. 

Anyway, Football.

We have Football, but we have two types of Football. Oh and we have soccer, which is Football. Rugby is called Football, commonly shortened to Footy. Rugby League is in the same boat, in fact they're probably both casting a line or two from that boat, enjoying the sunshine of the South Pacific. 

If I said Footy to one of my friends, he'd think I'm keen to go down to the local park and run around kicking a football in to a goal.

If I say Footy to another, he'd think I was crazy for trying to play rugby or rugby league against a bunch of giants.

Football, what is Football? I don't know. I'm pretty flexible, I drop Footy here meaning this type of Footy and I drop Footy there meaning that type of Footy. 

Truth is, I could be talking about any type of Footy. You could even mistake my mumblings for Footsies. That would get weird.

Truth is, there is no single type of Football. We're all being a bit dumb because let's be honest the closest thing to Football is soccer, I don't even know where the word 'soccer' comes from. 

Ah, let's just get all cute and cuddly...

Football is what you make it people. If your Football is running around in helmets and pads, throwing and catching a ball - super. If your Football is piling on top of a ball over and over again - super. If your Football is running in to a bloke, getting smashed and repeating that dose - super.

Shit, if your Football is using your foot to kick a ball - super.