Off The Wall With 4-Syth - Bye Bye 2014

The years coming to an end. So it's standard for the dance world to take a look back at some of the greatest, worst and unforgettable moments of 2014.

The Company competing in Vibe XXII showing us youngsters to red nose without actually red-nosing AND giving us some feels at the same time. It was definitely a west side story. Not to mention, first place winners Academy of Villians with their freak show theme and out of this world use of technologies.

WOD (World of Dance) this year was absolutely kill off and Los Angeles by far took the cup for the best talent/vet pool. Cookies snatched first place with their insane musicality to a variety of songs and their signature dynamic duets. GRV weren't far behind Cookies with a second place trophy. The set that amazed everybody and had the crowd screaming down the house. We thought they couldn't top the previous year with their tribute to West Coast but they certainly did with the Ooh Kill Em Set and it was all thanks to Bam the Badass Martin. The Mos Wanted boys including New Zealand's own Jay Cee, had girls dropping their panties when they took their stage for the infamous Rocket set. But sorry Puswood, it was a Bam day. However, all the way in Vancouver WOD - Scott Forsyth shocked the entire world with his Brotherhood boys coming up brand new and well improved snatching the gold spot.

The Queen of the Dance World dropped 7/11 to end the year of as a small gift but at the start she certainly graced us with something way more amazing. A short dance film called Free Mynd meaning free my mind/thoughts - based all on Goebel's deepest, brightest and darkest thoughts. It made us laugh, smile, scream woo and surprisingly cry. Big ups to Parris for this one, I don't recall hearing any bad views about this film apart from a few people getting overwhelmed with the Black Widow theme in the start.

Who doesn't love Travis Garland? Nobody. So imagine seeing the dance world's bad boy Brian, every girl's best friend Vinh and superman Keone team up together? A lot of dancegasms that's what. Watch at your own risk. You just might fall in love. Refrain from watching Brian Puspos - Foreign. They don't call him Mr Steal your girl for nothing you know?

BUT can we all agree this was the cutest dance couple video that had nothing to do with actual dancing in 2014?! Keone and Mari are in trouble of their power couple status. We love Batwood.

If you haven't seen a Chris Martin status, you haven't lived. Or you have and they're just terribly funny. We love pikacherio.

The World Hip Hop Champs were a highlight of the dance world this year but as always it's not a dance comp if there isn't any drama. Sorority Dance Crew from NZ didn't qualify for the semi-finals this year which caused a huge uproar all over the world. The issue of equality within the adults division was brought up again by Parris Goebel as coincidentally no female crews made it to the finals either. The HHI song of the year was Simon Says by Pharoahe Monch aswell as the cliche of flipping to gun shots all thanks to Scott Forsyth hyping the trend in his Brotherhood Alumni routine.

IDCO from New Zealand showed up everyone with the set of the year, their ending krump set choreographed by Carlos Skipper. Majority of the audience were from Canada, fights broke out between vets of the dance world, AOB should have placed in Megacrew division, and well.. what happened at the after party stayed there. Lil Mama ofcourse was the most boring special guest performance ever. The audience was in now way interested and she didn't make it hard either. HHI was a heck of a ride this year and we can't wait to see what's going down next year as the home venue is moving to San Diego.

Speaking of San Diego, building block was most definitely a highlight. The opening of this studio occurred during June/July by Keone, Mari, Carlo and many others. It brought a new scene to the dance world where instead of classes with so many other students you basically get one on one sessions. Put simply, the choreographers are your personal dance trainers. One of the best things to happen since sliced bread.

This kid was definitely a representation of what everyone was exactly scared of - the new generation. Aswell as the vets, new gen has slowly been sneaking up on us. The dance world is definitely in safe hands for the future. We also had the shmoney coming through like fire and ofcourse the nae-nae. Knowledge is power. These new gens definitely know what they're doing.

So many more things occurred in 2014 - Movement Lifestyle almost burning down, LnL splitting, Keone and Mari's many videos, O.G ReQuest coming back as WREQ, rigged judging and ofcourse the overhyped puns aswell as kendama fun. It was a blast for the dance world. Before the year ends, huge congratulations to Lance Savali from New Zealand who has reserved himself a spot as one of Chris Brown's main dancers on his world tour in 2015 and look out for NZ's first ever dance film - Born To Dance. Have fun and hype up for the new year!