Connor McGregor - Your Time Is Now

This weekend in Boston, UFC Fight Night 52 will take place. It's a pretty solid card with Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone taking on Benson Henderson which in itself will be a funky fight as Cerrone recently fought on the Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier card. We also get to see Uriah Hall back in action against Ron Stallings, both these fights hold enough intrigue for the UFC die hard to tune in but the main event is something of a different breed.

Connor McGregor, you should probably know of him by now as he's been pretty darn impressive in his first four fights. That along with the UFC shoving him down the throats of fans around the world has put McGregor in the spotlight and some would say he hasn't done a great deal to earn that spotlight. 

You could argue that the UFC are just blatantly putting McGregor in title to contention to ensure that they have a personality, a performer to lure fans. But you could also argue that the UFC have seen something in McGregor and are pouncing at the opportunity to make the most of his ability. I'm not here to argue though, I'm just here to enjoy the Irish showman.

McGregor will fight some lad named Dennis Siver, whom I don't really give two hoots about. I've been sucked in by the UFC and McGregor and in no way shape or form am I upset by that because I've seen McGregor fight and it's a joy to watch. It's all action, he's good but slightly different and he combines his fighting ability with a charismatic personality.

It's a personality that is essentially Irish. They're characters and then you add on top of that the bravado of a quality fighter and you get McGregor. That's another aspect of McGregor's importance to the UFC as he's from Ireland and shows that there is much more to the UFC than fighters from America and Brazil. It's something that is probably easier to see from our perspective as we see Australians and Kiwis competing in the UFC or should I say we take note of that while those in the UFC bubble may just see them as another battler. There's a huge market for the UFC around the world and McGregor is the fact of that.

Obviously this fight will take place in Boston due to the Irish connection. That's a smart decision but I don't really expect it to be like McGregor's fight in Ireland last year, as he's not an Irish-American, he's just Irish. Being Irish is a whole lot cooler than being Irish-American. 

There's many who take a more cynical view than me, who ask more questions of the UFC while I kind of just go with the flow of what they throw at me. It's hard to ignore the fact that McGregor has beaten everyone the UFC has put in front of him and should he take care of Siver as many expect he will, he'll be a legit UFC gun. A win against Siver will likely see McGregor become Jose Aldo's next title defence, which is the end game.

I've been convinced of McGregor's ability inside the octagon but he simply needs to keep on winning to continue to build his case. McGregor came good on his Justin Poirier prediction and has said he'll knock out Siver in 2 minutes, which Siver might not be too keen on. Should McGregor be successful, he'll be a certified UFC star without a belt which will only give us more reason to stay tuned in.