Midweek Bulletin

There's a few things that are pretty dumb. The first of those is the sledging debate that seems to have taken over cricket right now, it's dumb. Who cares, honestly who cares and for cricketing people to be kicking up a fuss shows the lack of wits about the game. It's entertainment, sure there's a line and I don't think David Warner over stepped that line with his 'speak English' line as he could have realistically not understood what was being said to him. But the confrontations, they aren't ruthless acts of violence, they're just highly competitive athletes standing up for themselves and their team mates.

It's entertainment, it makes the spectacle of cricket appeal that much more to those who don't give a rat's backside which ahead of the World Cup is pretty handy. The Australians are Australians, what more do we expect from them? These are probably not even the worse on field conversations that have taken place at the hand of the Aussies, so why all of a sudden do we kick up a fuss?

Those who champion the spirit of cricket, obviously don't believe in it because the players from opposing teams will turn out in the IPL with smiles on their dials. 

Heaven forbid players stand up to the Australians as well, which has happened thanks to this young crop of Indians which simply makes it more awesome. All this on field drama has done nothing to hurt the game of cricket, but it's definitely set the scene for one of the best World Cup's and that's why it's awesome. It's why Darren Lehman simply doesn't care, because he knows that it's an advantage that his lads have. 

I lured you in with a picture of another dramatic time in cricket, but here's Andrew Symonds being the mantis.

The other thing, which is also cricket related but ironically doesn't have a home in Straya is WASP. Now why don't the Aussies use something like WASP? Ah because it's dumb and they can figure out how the game is positioned without a silly percentage. I don't know where the blame is for this as maybe it sits with Sky Sports for shoving WASP down our throats, dumbing us down in a sense and making us feel like WASP is important. Or maybe and probably more likely, it sits with the folk who look at WASP and can't judge a game of cricket with their own eyes. If you take WASP without a grain of salt, you're dumb.

The World Cup 'let's go earn some moolaa!' party that comes around every four years is in full swing involving Aotearoa's rugby players. You may have got an invite, you probably didn't but who knows. But is it arrogant of the NZRU to think that players will continue to stay in Aotearoa just for the jersey? For the honour? At the moment we have players sitting on the fence as they give the All Black jersey a crack and then go overseas to earn what they should be earning as some of the world's best rugby players. 

The reason I bring this up is because I had a moment of foresight, what's going to be the situation in 5 years time? Will our rugby players still be contracted by the NZRU or will we see Super Rugby franchises able to offer competitive pay packets for all rugby players, not just those that the NZRU views as important. Rugby folk see Super Rugby as something awesome, which should see Super Rugby expand to the point where it can give players their market value. 

If you're a Super Rugby player for the Auckland Blues and you see a bunch of NRL players who are at a similar level earning far more than you, what are you going to think?

Maybe we're just on the positive vibes buzz where we give players to other nations to make world rugby more competitive. Here Wales, have Gareth Anscombe, he's of no use to us so you can have him. 

The Black Stick men's squad for 2015 has been named and there's a nice combination of experience and young guns who will look to impress this year. We'll look at the squad compared to that of the Japan and Canada series at the end of last year with Dwayne Rowsell, Nick Woods and George Enersen all earning a spot in the squad after impressing last year. 

The key inclusions are those who have been playing in Europe and missed Black Stick duties late last year. The likes of Alex Shaw, Hugo Inglis, Blair Hilton and Andy Hayward are all there as expected, as is Ryan Archibald who made a successful return to the team last year. It's a pretty damn strong squad which should benefit greatly from spending plenty of time together on the training pitch as they eye Olympic qualification at the World League in June.  

The Wellington Phoenix should start a kickstarter fund or something to keep Nathan Burns. But that would mean that Burns is seriously considering the offer, which he might be. However, Burns may also be laughing at it as he wants to stick it out with the Nix and reward them for their faith. Shock, horror, pooz and weez we could see a football player ignore huge money!