Connor McGregor, It's Your Time Son

Connor McGregor flipped the bird a few times.

Connor McGregor jumped over the cage and up in to the grill of Jose Aldo post fight.

Connor McGregor rather easily dispatched of Dennis Siver.

Connor McGregor may not have gained any fans with his behaviour but you definitely know who he is now.

In many ways, Connor McGregor vs Dennis Siver was a huge success. As expected by many, which Dana White and the UFC must be included in this, McGregor was too good for Siver and he showed that he can definitely fight if you didn't know. There's an efficiency with McGregor's strikes that make you take note, he can land them on the button, perfectly judging his range and Siver never really had a chance as McGregor kept picking him off from a distance.

It's fun watching McGregor fight, not just because of the circus that is McGregor but because he's a very entertaining fighter. Every fight we've seen from McGregor in the UFC however has been as skillful as it has been entertaining. He has a range of kicks that he can execute swiftly and ruthlessly as well as launching in to a knee to the face, which Siver found out first hand. 

When you consider that McGregor can throw a his arsenal of kicks and then immediately after launching a kick return to his stance, ready to do it all again, it must be pretty tiring to fight against. A few times against Siver, McGregor hit Siver with a punch or a kick, or a knee and was then standing in front of Siver without any hesitation. There's no let up and McGregor's ability to combine a knee or a kick with a punch straight after also piles on the damage. 

It was kind of like a high profile exhibition fight. Siver wasn't really on the same page as McGregor but all the haters got another opportunity to see that McGregor can definitely fight. Throw in to the mix that being underneath McGregor with a flurry of elbows and fists coming towards your head is probably equal to hell and you have a well rounded fighter who has earned a title shot. Well that depends on your perception of 'earned'.

The rest of the hoopla that took place after the fight doesn't need to be looked at in much depth, McGregor was simply making sure that Jose Aldo knew what was up. As Joe Rogan said though "Aldo's heart did not skip a beat" which was perfect, the whole thing was perfect!

Aldo is the champion, the defender of the belt, he's the best and he behaved as such. While McGregor was doing his thing, screaming, letting out whatever energy he had inside him, Aldo smiled and stayed as cool as a cucumber. I'm a McGregor fan, I like him and I like his ability but the way Aldo handled this situation has only added to the contest. A contest that will take place in May, probably in Las Vegas where McGregor will have the chance to really be about it.

It's all we really want to be honest as McGregor has talked the talk and walked the walk. However, he hasn't fought a top 5 ranked fighter in the division while Aldo has defended his title against Chad Mendes, the 2nd ranked featherweight, twice. Aldo has prepared for some of the most dangerous fighters in the UFC, he knows how to pick at the weakness of his opponent and do so until the result is a certainty. McGregor hasn't really faced someone with the skill or relentless desire to take him to that dark place, Aldo will definitely do just that.