Midweek Bulletin - Shenanigans

I can't quite figure out whether the constant talk about Michael Clarke and the Australian cricket team is serving as a major distraction, or whether it's no real distraction because those involved have already stepped in to the future. It is pretty odd that around the time that Australia's cricketers are celebrate for their various performances that we're once again being told that Clarke's relationship with those above him has moved from being on ice, to being on thin ice. Surely some bookie is offering odds on whether Clarke will play or not??

It's hard to fathom that there's any real major beef within the Aussie team, but as Steve Smith swept the awards at the Allan Border Medal ceremony is was a bit like a changing of the guard wasn't it? 

There haven't been too many sports teams who can go alright without their skipper. Nor are there too many teams that may not want their skipper to return, hmm.  Maybe the best case scenario is that Clarke is ruled out due to his many injuries and that this distraction is kind of ignored. I was going to say swept under the rug, but it's already been swept under the rug albeit in very different circumstances as Phillip Hughes took centre stage. 

Personally, I reckon it will all sort itself out and it's a bit of a storm in a teacup, but I'm just happy that it's the Aussies who are having to deal with some distraction while we sit here chillin'.

Jonathan Thurston's chillin' and rightfully so. Thurston wasn't named for the NRL Nines and while many people got excited at the prospect of Thurston doing the business in Auckland, it wouldn't have been the wisest move. Sports Betting Information

It reflects the mindset of the media and some of the fans that many of the headlines over the past few days as they focus on Thurston's absence and not the players who will be playing in Auckland. There's many NRL players who could be considered 'stars' who aren't playing and most of them would be up around the 30 years of age mark. When you're a key man, nah scratch that, when your team depends on you to lead them and you're very much an NRL veteran, the Nines won't be a priority. The likes of Thurston, Melbourne's big 3 and Greg Inglis or Paul Gallen or Greg Bird or Luke Lewis, those type of lads, they play way too much footy anyway so to expect them to run out for the Nines is dumb. They might want to, but common sense should prevail.

Is it weird that I'm starting to like Lance Armstrong!?

It's probably weirder that this came about when Armstrong made it known that if you took him back via time travel back to the 90's, he'd do what he done did all over again. I don't feel sorry for Armstrong but I like him, I like how he doesn't give a fuck and let's be honest everyone's just a hater because they sucked at cheating. 

I saw on the BBC that some joker said that Armstrong was made to be a scapegoat and that there was a "witch hunt" against him, which is why I have no issues in liking Armstrong. Is it all good for me to like Armstrong but feel sorry for cycling? Because it was cycling as a sport that was messed up. I didn't really care for cycling back then and now it's not on the radar at all which is sad and the cycling community now have to fight back to get back to a point of relevance. Cycling has to come back from that dark era, not from a few silly buggers.

Shout out to Tai Wynyard, the kid looks set to see Steven Adams and raise him, 'oh you went to Pitt? I'm going to Kentucky'. Just jokes, but it's awesome that Wynyard is heading the way of Kentucky when it's time for College ball as they've got their feet set in concrete of the upper echelon of College basketball. It's a fair way off, but it will be interesting to see how long Wynyard stays at Kentucky as they have seen many, many young lads come in for a year and then gap the scene to the NBA. Adams only played one year at Pitt and then moved on, but it's also realistic to see Wynyard stay with Kentucky for a few years as that would probably set him up the best for the NBA.

That's all we want really isn't it? It's cool that there's a few guys on the College scene from Aotearoa, but from a competitive stand point - fuck the rest I wanna be the best, type of thinking that we aren't too familiar with down here, we need guys going to the NBA. 

Oh and if Aotearoa's sporting ability becomes more renowned that our apparent liking for Hobbits and sheep to Americans, well that's no bad thing huh?

"At first I had patience, then the patience turned to waiting, then the waiting turned wasting my time. Then the wasting turned to hating and that hating got to racing, racing all around my mind" Lupe Fiasco

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