Monday Crumbs - Happy Days

We're entering uncharted territories. We've been here before with the Breakers, well we've been here multiple times thanks those lads as they've been at the top of the basketballin' world down under rather frequently. The Phoenix? Well we haven't quite enjoyed such a level of success from them before.

The combination of both our teams who serve as representatives of Aotearoa in Australian leagues doing really, really well isn't quite enough. Having them both perform over the Christmas and New Year period, now that's the icing on the cake. The old BreakNix combo aye, serving up the sporting happiness that we have been starved of.

The Phoenix have won all their games over Christmas, which is something new for Nix fans. It's the sort of run that puts Championship qualities on display for everyone to see. Whether it's grinding out a game and taking one of the few chances they get to seal the win or whether it's blowing their opposition away, putting 3 goals on the board with ease. Without their major strike weapons, the Nix still look likely and dangerous which is an ominous sign for the rest of the A-League. I still don't think we've seen the very best from the Nix either.

We have seen the Breakers do this before, but it's never been coupled with a consistent performances from the Nix. It's bloody beautiful and the Breakers continue to do what they do - win games with different guys standing up when need be. Since Christmas, the Breakers have won against Sydney and Adelaide with Tai Wesley for example, standing up against Sydney with 23 points. 

Take a moment, sip whatever you're sipping on and just be content for a moment as both the Breakers and the Phoenix are not only doing very well in their respective Aussie leagues, but they are doing so in a beautifully Kiwi way. There's no superstar diva (Cedric Jackson and Nathan Burns are lovely lads), there's just a group of determined athletes on a collective mission.

Any weekend or weekday where there's a whole lot of sport on, I end up in a spin trying to keep up with it all and enjoying the entertainment. Yesterday was one of those days with the UFC getting most of my attention with the Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier fight demanding my all. Why? Well because Jon Jones is the most gifted athlete in MMA, bar none. If you're a bit late on this one, do some research or hang out for his next fight which is either going to be against Alex Gustafsson or Anthony Johnson. You're witnessing greatness.

For all of my EPL watching life, Steven Gerrard has been a mainstay in the Liverpool mid-field, now he and Liverpool are no more. Do I feel for Gerrard? Kind of, but Gerrard obviously thinks he has more to offer than the role the gaffer has planned for him. Gerrard could have been that guy, that guy who starts a few games with some game winning performances but who mostly comes off the bench to do a job for his beloved club. He could of taken his club-man persona to a whole new level by doing whatever was needed or asked of him, but I reckon his pride got in the way. Pity. 

Obviously the MLS in the United States is a great league, growing with every big signing they make, bringing the world's best players/players who used to be amazing and are now slightly over the hill. Manchester City don't give a fuck though, they like Frankie Lampard so the MLS is still a weird league that holds very little relevance in the world of football.