Friday Frills - Hopefully We'll See You Soon Bangladesh

Poor tiger fella, he's not going to see Michael Clarke play ... oh, wait ...

Poor tiger fella, he's not going to see Michael Clarke play ... oh, wait ...

Cricket Australia and have cancelled the Australian cricket team's tour to Bangladesh thanks to security concerns. That might not strike you as a interesting bit of news on this Friday, not when there's Quade Cooper to talk about!

Boy, if there's anything worse than the constant updates on the All Blacks which only serves to completely ignore all the other great yarns at the Rugby World Cup, it's the kiwi media's desire to give Quade Cooper so much attention. Surely it would be easier and better to just not care about Cooper so much.

I don't exactly like you Quade ... but I'll ride for you.

Ah, but Bangladesh. I guess when an Italian charity worker is shot dead by people claiming to be the Islamic State, it's never going to work out well. That's especially the case when Australia, like Aotearoa share close relationships with the United States of America and the Motherland. 

In a cricketing context, this robs us the opportunity of seeing Australia take on Bangladesh in Bangladesh. Had Bangladesh been touring Australia, I would have still paid plenty of interest as a cricket lover but I wouldn't have been telling you - the casual fan to pay attention. Bangladesh have emerged as one of the better teams in their own conditions in world cricket, which is impressive as they have largely struggled since gaining Test status. To me it feels like Bangladesh have got things right with their cricketing pathways and we're starting to see some really quality players come through (stay up to date with my cricket writing and you'll know these players).

Australia were going to roll out a funky new squad to go to Bangladesh, a very difficult place to play as of late. But we won't get that now and it's a great shame. 

There has been some positive news for Bangladesh cricket however as they have qualified for the Champions Trophy tournament. This includes the top-8 ODI teams in the world and Bangladesh are currently ranked 7th ahead of Pakistan who also qualified and the West Indies who are still a bit of shambles :(

On Wednesday I raised the idea of the sporting world being further fragmented along political lines. I would suggest that the Australian government - who ultimately made the decision and told Cricket Australia what to do - received 'helpful' advice from the USA and United Kingdom. This is the way the world works and it's a shame that it's not safe to tour certain countries thanks to political or religious reasons in 2015.

But wait! There's a little bit more. The Socceroos, as part of their World Cup qualifiers were due to play Bangladesh in Dhaka on November 17. As of October 2, Bangladesh was deemed too risky to tour so a lot would need to change in just over a month for the Socceroos and the Australian government to head to Bangladesh and play some footy.

What makes the Socceroos situation slightly crazier is that if they chose not to play this game, they will forfeit the game thus losing points in WC qualification and possibly face FIFA sanction. That's only if FIFA decide that it's all good for the game to go ahead though.

The line that really got me was "With the intelligence services of several countries warning of the danger of imminent attacks on Westerners". Now, if things don't change that danger will only increase. C'mon world, sort your shit out.

Just a quick note on this weekend's UFC 192 event, which will come to us just after Jon Jones was cleared of any major wrong doing in his car crash thingy. Jones will likely come back to the UFC at some stage and face the winner of UFC 192's co-main event between Daniel Cormier and Alex Gustafsson. Cormier is now the light-heavyweight champion and will be putting his belt on the line against the dude who took Jones the distance.

It's obviously quite funny that Jones got let off in the week leading up to this fight ... and in the same week as Justin Hodges' great escape. Jones will be eyeing a return and a title fight against whoever has the belt asap and I'm going to roll with the Swede getting the win over Cormier.

UFC 192 will also see kiwi Dan Hooker in action against Mexico's Yair Rodriquez. Hooker currently has 12 wins to his name from 17 fights while Rodriquez has six wins from seven and obviously I'm backing Hooker to get the win. It's a massive fight for Hooker with these sorts of fights where you are on the big stage for the first time crucial in securing some sort of future with the UFC and a loss could see Hooker's UFC dream fade pretty quickly.

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Enjoy your Friday folks.