Monday Crumbs - Mystic Mac

Conor McGregor exists in rare air. There simply aren't too many athletes in this world of ours who combine the gift of the gab with supreme talent ... and with a sprinkling of evangelical prowess thrown in for good measure. Forget Floyd Mayweather and if you were quick to jump on the Tyson Fury steam train (to heaven), you can forget about Fury because the McGregor era has begun and you'll certainly hear much more from Mystic Mac in 2016.

With a 13 second KO victory over Jose Aldo, McGregor once again backed his talk up with ruthless efficiency. This was the most hyped UFC fight of the year and perhaps ever, while in my books it was the most hyped fighting event of 2016 - Mayweather vs Pacquiao was always going to be a bit dull - so for it to be all over in 13 seconds might have been a let down. I found it to be quite the opposite though.

The lead in to the fight, the actual fight and McGregor's press conference afterwards all reinforced why McGregor is the UFC's greatest asset. In the ring before the right, Aldo looked extremely focused and stiff at the same time as McGregor flowed around, emulating water going down a river before getting as low as he could, ready to pounce just before the opening bell. Whether it's his ability to predict results or the ease with which McGregor moves, there's certainly something mystical about the Mac.

The 13 seconds of the fight? Well that speaks for itself, although it took on a different dimension as McGregor spoke to the media afterwards. Precision and timing over power and speed is what McGregor kept saying, precision and timing...

I've liked McGregor for a while now but up until he knocked Aldo out there was always a question mark about how he would go against the very best. No questions remain and McGregor made his intentions of moving up out of the featherweight division clear, which means that in 2016 we will probably see McGregor hold two belts at the same time as he is keen to compete in two divisions at the same time. 

If there's anything we have learned about McGregor, it's not to disregard any of his intentions so I'm happy to prepare myself for domination from the Irishman.

This result, Luke Rockhold's victory over Chris Weidman (which was the co-main event) and Ronda Rousey's loss to Holly Holm have shown how quickly and dramatically the UFC world is developing - remember when Jon Jones was the champ we all loved? 

Not only does McGregor conduct himself and his fights in a very unique manner, he's also breaking international boundaries which is great for the UFC. Most of the champions or well known UFC fighters are from the USA or Brazil, so to have what is now effectively the face of the UFC come from Ireland allows the UFC plenty of scope to grow its audience and its earning potential.

You love McGregor (like myself) or you might hate him, yet like Mr Money Mayweather, you'll watch him. In that sense McGregor is taking over from Mayweather and in true modern fashion, McGregor is doing so with a sense of charisma not displayed by Mayweather along with a style that is a whole lot more entertaining. Be prepared to see far more of McGregor folks, whether you like it or not.

Meanwhile heavyweight Anthony Joshua scored a KO win of his own, let's just chill on Joseph Parker until he's fought on this sort of stage yeah?