Friday Frills - #SaveTheNix, Racial Abuse + Hard And Fast News

Wednesday's Midweek Bulletin zoned in on the decision from many A-League fans to boycott this weekend's games, making sure that Football Federation Australia get their message loud and clear. This is admirable action as the FFA has a laundry list of cock-ups to their name and while this weekend's boycotts are a product of the way fans have been treated by the FFA, it also puts the FFA on notice for that laundry list.

Many Australian commentators have fallen into the same foolish basket that their peers (or themselves) have found themselves in with regards to Jarryd Hayne - he's coming back to the NRL because he's only in the 49ers Practice Squad!

Why would fans who love the game hurt the game so much?

What does walking out/boycotting achieve? 

These questions are asked thanks to a lack of knowledge about the many failings of the FFA - their handling of the Wellington Phoenix just one of many failings.

All this comes at a horrible time for the Wellington Phoenix and their fans ... or is it the right time? Playing in Auckland against Melbourne Vicotry this week, the Phoenix need a big crowd to show the FFA how silly they are. Not only have the FFA questioned the Nix's existence but they also questioned the impact or appeal the Nix have across Aotearoa and a game in Auckland is the perfect chance to ... well, say ... 'fuck ya'.

YELLOW FEVER STATEMENT Yellow Fever would like to express their strong support for the protest action undertaken by...

Posted by Yellow Fever - Supporters of the Wellington Phoenix FC on Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Understandably, Nix fans and more specifically the Yellow Fever can't boycott this week's game, nor could they afford to boycott any game this season. This could however thrust the Yellow Fever into the spotlight as their weird position will be the talk of many commentators, pundits and fans this weekend and they will probably be the only fan group singing loud and proud.

While a loud and proud Yellow Fever may (to a silly bugger) appear as a fractured boycott, fans could also use it to voice their disdain even further. Whatever the case, a big crowd is needed in Albany on Saturday night to not only support #SaveTheNix but to also help the Nix beat a very good Victory team.

Ah, the ol' racial abuse huh? Just like we never really think boycotts or such drama will find its way on to our shores, racial abuse of athletes in Aotearoa simply isn't what we're about. This isn't to say that it's all good in other parts of the world and I'm not here to tell you racism is bad as you should already know, it's just weird that such an allegation was made against a kiwi franchise and more specifically the New Zealand Breakers.

The Breakers are arguably the best sporting franchise in Aotearoa. Not only do they win and win a lot, they are the blueprint of how to run a great sporting franchise with quintessential kiwi values and ideals. They recruit well, not only bringing in good basketball players but also good people and they develop young men before allowing them to head for bigger and better things. So for allegations of racial abuse against Breakers fans is very weird.

While it shouldn't happen in the first place, the reaction has be reassuring. It came as a shock, which is exactly what you'd expect and the normal sports fan/kiwi would have been disappointed when they heard the news. How the Breakers and Breakers fans now conduct themselves will be in the spotlight and it's hard not to have any faith in them given their track record.

Oscar Pistorious has been found guilty of murder, after he was previously found guilty of 'culpable homicide' last time around. That's an upgrade folks and while it's hard to celebrate an upgrade to a murder conviction, it seems as though Pistorious may now get the justice that he deserves.

I've tried to stay well clear of the Chris Cairns saga recently as there's so much actual cricket on that I'd rather focus on providing opinion on that, and not Cairns' legal battles. After his not guilty verdict, it's hard to tell whether Cairns is a hero or villain (I know exactly which of the two Cairns is in my mind) and Cairns must now go back into battle against Lalit Modi - this never ends #Yawn.

Fight For Life is on this weekend ... #Yawn. I will say that I find it rather odd that after having the Miguel Cotoo vs Canelo Alvarez and Vladimir Klitschko vs Tyson Fury title fights on Sky Sport for free (if you got Sky), people must now pay $39/40 to watch an extremely mediocre boxing event. Sure this is for charity, but will the pay-per-view money got to charity? I doubt it, that will be going into a few back-pockets.

I love Joseph Parker, not enough to pay to watch him fight after having two title fights beamed into my lounge two Sundays in a row. Parker should smoke his punching-bag of an opponent with the only point of difference that this punching-bag of an opponent has to previous punching-bags is that he's really tall. Good match-up work from Kevin Barry ... just don't expect me to get too excited.

Sticking with boxing and Klitschko wants  rematch. Cool, the old fella wants to restore some pride and serve up the fury. I like it.

Ricardo Christie won his third round heat and is currently live in action as I'm writing this in the fourth round. Here's his third round and we'll touch base with Christie's fortunes on Monday.