Midweek Bulletin - Boring vs Exciting

When Vladimir Klitschko lost his title belt to Tyson Fury the other week, the general though from Klitschko's haters was how exciting it was to have Fury as the champ. Klitschko was and is a poster boy of the boring athlete, the guy who does very little wrong, speaks politely and conducts himself as if he gives each word, each action a few seconds of though before it comes to fruition.

Combine that with Klitschko's boxing style, which was more Floyd Mayweather than Joseph Parker and you have the complete opposite of what a professional boxer should be like. Let's not forget that professional boxers are their own promotion machine, hence Parker talks up a greater storm with each step he takes closer to a title shot.

Klitschko, boring and smart. The man who beat Klitschko was celebrated for being a breath of fresh air, yet the entertaining nature of Fury also comes with the catch of sillyness. Klitschko was the opposite of what the stereotypical professional boxer is while Fury and his recent comments serve to reinforce the 'dumb boxer' stereotype that the general sports fan has. 

On Monday I wrote how we shouldn't take Fury's comments overly seriously and I stand by that. Now I've moved on to the 'be careful what you wish for' way of thinking as the Fury's exciting nature; he's jovial, funny when not being sexist and oozes character also comes without a filter. So would you rather have the boring Klitschko as the champ? Or would you rather have the fire-tongued Fury as the champ? Hmm, ponder that.

Also ponder the fact that UFC 194 is almost here! Oh man, we've been waiting a long time for Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor, so long that I'm going to give ya'll a double dose of the hype today and Friday. After Ronda Rousey's shock loss to Holly Holm a few weeks ago, the UFC saw one of its megastars take an L as Rousey was one of two UFC fighters who attracts the average sports fan. The other megastar is McGregor (while Jon Jones is M.I.A), even if McGregor is far less known than Rousey.

McGregor is all entertainment, kinda like Tyson Fury in a way as he's got the gift of the gab and has the skills to back all that talk up with a flurry of kicks and punches. Unlike Fury - they are both Irish, kinda - McGregor hasn't quite crossed the line of understanding how to promote a fight and just saying really dumb shit. Both McGregor and the UFC understand how gifted McGregor is at building hype, selling tickets and pay-per-views which is why he's had a path to the title laid out for him by the UFC.

Standing in his way though is the quiet Aldo - here we go with the exciting/brash fighter vs the quiet/boring fighter again. There's a reason why Aldo is the featherweight champ and is undefeated for the past 10 years, which is why this fight is so exciting as McGregor is coming up against a certified killer. 

Quick shout-out to Dane Coles for grabbing the Wellington Hurricanes captaincy after starting out as the most scruffiest professional rugby player I've seen in a long time. The 'scruffiest' tag isn't a negative, it's just the best way to describe the way Coles looked and how he played to an extent as he was always in some sort of scuffle/hitting a ruck like a mad man. 

Nowadays we see Coles as one of the best hookers in the world and I'd say he's the best hooker in general play. There's no hooker in the world who patrols the sidelines like Coles, squeezing out off-loads, stepping defenders, tipping on passes and generally doing a good impression of Jonathan Thurston, all from a hooker. 

There's no reason why the next five yaears or so can't be the Dane Coles Era. Kevin Mealamu has already passed the torch and he's guided Coles both as a rugby player and as a man for the past few years, perfectly setting up Coles to take over this All Blacks team in conjunction with Kieran Read, Sam Cane and Brodie Rettalick. Get ready for the Dane Coles Era folks.

How about the signing of Kirstin Daly-Taylor as coach of NBL side the Hawkes Bay Hawks? Good on the Hawks for snapping up Daly-Taylor, who is a former Tall Fern and has been around the domestic basketball scene for a while as an assistant coach and good on them for giving her a five year deal, showing plenty of faith in Daly-Taylor.

Crikey dick, how about two examples of how ruthless surfing is in the space of a year? 

Kiwi Steve doing work!