Monday Crumbs - The Long Version

The long version huh? 

So we've got the best female golfer in the world, she's 17 year old Lydia Ko and damn doesn't it feel good!? For starters golf is such a middle aged man sport and here is Ko, Aotearoa's premier golfer and she's a 17 year old girl!? Jeepers creepers, I'm all for Ko busting doors down and hopefully she can provide all these middle aged golfer guys some inspiration.

Ko represents Aotearoa golf on the world stage and from this point on, she'll have a huge target on her back and it'll be interesting to see how she deals with being the top dawg. She's no longer the youngster to watch out for, nah Ko is now the one and only. 

What would you rather - see Ko play on our shores frequently or not see her for a while as she takes over the golfing world? My eggs are definitely in the world domination basket and I'm totally happy with Ko only playing in Aotearoa sporadically as she ventures to golf tournaments around the world, leaving ladies in her wake. I can hear the slicing of the tall poppy though and it's kind of sad that if Ko doesn't venture back to Aotearoa, people will start to question her motives and question her in general. Again, I want to see Ko be the best female golfer by quite some distance for a long, long time and for that to happen she's got to put Aotearoa on the back burner. I'm sure many middle aged men with lots of money would want to see Ko on our shores, "don't forget your roots" type of thing but please, world domination is so much better.

It's also a time in world golf where there isn't really someone who is putting golf on their backs and saying 'come with me'. I feel like Ko has burst on to the scene at the perfect time for golf.

Ya know what's worthy of a worry? On Saturday night in Australia you could watch the Australian Open, the Asian Cup final and some silly boxing event all on free to air tv. Throw in to the mix that all Australian Cricket is on free tv and that could can take your pick from a variety of free to air channels and it makes you wonder, what the fuck is going on in Aotearoa?

If you want to watch sport, you simply have to pay. Whether that means forking out for tickets to go see the game and then feeding ya troops with over priced shitty food or paying for a subscription with the only people who can apparently broadcast sport in our country. I'm not going to dive in to the issue of families not being able to pay rent or to buy groceries, let alone pay just to watch sport, but you would think that if there was more sport that was free to air things would be better.

We want our children to achieve greatness and to strive in the footsteps of athletes, replicate the dedication and perseverance that being a professional sportsman/woman requires. Yet, to watch sport you have to pay and there's a whole lot of families in Aotearoa that simply can't afford to do so. People should be disgusted, but and there's a positive but, we have the internet people. Use the internet to your advantage.

That silly boxing event hosted by Channel 9's Footy Show in Australia was headline by Sonny Bill Williams fighting a punching bag. I like SBW, he's a great man, great athlete and could be one of the greatest to have ever done anything, yet for some reason he continues to take part in gimmicks, in sitcoms instead of legit boxing events.

I don't dislike SBW for it, but it's clear that he's just scratching his own itch and the itch of those around him instead of actually trying to do anything with boxing. All we heard about the human punching bag was how experienced he was, how he's had 70 fights and not how he lost three fights in 2014. The way the human punching bag acted in the ring made you wonder whether he was just another handpicked opponent for SBW, I mean SBW even looked embarrassed fighting him. 

With the UFC continuing to impress, boxing in our part of the world, besides Joseph Parker, is just one being comedy. Which is kind of sad, but it's not sad for me because I'm all up on the UFC wagon as we actually see competitive fights where the action comes from both fighters. If SBW wants his boxing to be considered in the slightest bit serious, then he's got to at least get knocked down by someone, right? 

It was cool for SBW to walk out in the Chiefs throwback, the quicker you're back in Hamilton the better Sonny!

At least in Aotearoa Duco Events have been able to headline their events with Joseph Parker who is nothing less than legit. That Footy Show Fight Night thing was horrible and anything less than professional boxing is horrible.

How about the Asian Cup final though!? It was the perfect conclusion to a great tournament hosted by the Aussies with both the Socceroos and South Korea putting on a fantastic show. Besides some top shelf defensive work from the Koreans as they put the Aussies under immense pressure every time they got the ball, some of the attacking football was awesome.

The Socceroos fit perfectly in to the Asian football thingy and it kind of put everything in to perspective. The All Whites should definitely stay in Oceania, it just wouldn't feel right just as it didn't feel right have Australia in Oceania, they were just too big. That doesn't meant that moments like this are beyond the All Whites, they've just got to earn the right to play on a stage like that. And by earning the right, I mean consistently being the best team in Oceania which isn't too much of an ask.

It's pretty stink that the big headline coming out of the NRL Nines is a bit of mischief on behalf of Willie Mason. Let's all chill out for a second and remember that Mason wasn't in Auckland with the Manly Sea Eagles as he wasn't part of the squad. Mason is a human promotions machine thanks to his association with Duco and the Nines but for some reason, it's all about him. I'm sure if you ask big Willies, it's a storm in a tea cup and with so much great footy being played on the field, it's very dumb that people think the biggest news is some sort of how's ya father? I mean shit like this is what the NRL Nines should be remembered for, BOOM!