Midweek Bulletin - Broadcast A Bit Of This Please

We head over the across the ditch, over the continent and swim across to the Motherland where it's been announced that the English Premier League will be broadcast for close to 10 billy kiwi dollars. It's apparently 5.136 billy in English dosh, commonly known as the pound, which is up from the 3 billy from the last deal with Sky Sports getting the big slice of the pie and BT Sports getting in on the mix as well.

Besides the mind boggling sums of cash, this deal signals something with far greater significance than just some extra cash floating around the EPL. There's many sporting leagues that will be negotiating broadcast deals with their respective broadcasters and they are all going to go above what was expected or predicted. Given the increase since the last deal, 70% in two years, it's fair to say that sporting leagues around the world are about to cash in.

For us kiwis, this might be a bit weird, a bit too complicated to fully understand for our wee minds as, as you would have read, this deal is between two broadcasters. What! Lunacy, which could be part of the reason why the price is so high because it's extremely competitive and Sky Sports kind of came in, up'd the ante and blew BT Sports out of the water. 

While this once again just points out the fact that we've got only one dear old sports broadcaster who has nothing less than a strangle hold on the game, it raises the question that maybe if there was some competition, then the leagues in Aotearoa would be able to earn their worth. The flipside of that is that the broadcasters might not be able to afford the rights, which is kind of already the case, which shows you exactly where the situation currently is.

But there's been two instances that just make me giggle to myself with the first being the Six Nations rugby which was meant to be shown on Sky Sports in Aotearoa, but then wasn't and won't be. LOL, where's ya ballbags?

Then you've got the rather weird attempt to show Lydia Ko's rounds at the New Zealand Open which is just bloody weird. Ko is definitely worthy of her stand alone status, but surely it's not hard to broadcast the whole event, but some jokers couldn't even scramble together and show Ko's rounds live. 

The sooner there's some competition in our sporting telly market, the sooner all this becomes history and the standard increases. Without that competition, silly buggers do what they want.

Still think that sex doesn't sell? Look at the hoopla created when Rhonda Rousey and Caroline Wozniacki got in on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit thingy. Look at how many dudes got their knickers in a twist at the sight of these ladies nearly naked, ain't nothing changed yo.

It's become widely known that the Rabbitohs covered something up with regards to the John Sutton and Luke Burgess situation and some top shelf investigative journalism across the ditch has resulted in mug shots and police reports. But the charges were dropped and the NRL didn't find too much wrong, so let's move on.

It's fairly exciting to have the Under 20 World Cup on our shores with the world's best football players under the age of 20 heading our way in May. The kiwi lads have got a decent draw with Ukraine, USA and Myanmar joining our lads in Group A. We should be able to handle Myanmar, while Ukraine will provide a stern challenge but I'm looking forward to their encounter with the USA. This will be where I'm either made to look like I've got a brain or not as I've voiced my disgust with USA football ... in good jest. But it will be a great chance to see what USA football is really about and it's going to be against our lads, mark it down in the calender folks!

Mark it down in the calender like a new release from King Kendrick...