Friday Frills - Full To The Brim Again

The Football Ferns fought valiantly to try come back from being 3 goals down against the Australian side who go by the name the Matildas, but they could only muster 2 goals in a tough loss last night. What was probably the best thing about this loss was that the Ferns weren't quite at the level they would like to be at and coach Tony Readings said that if wasn't Australia who caused them problems, they caused the problems themselves.

That overall vibe coming out of the Football Ferns, that there's something bigger, badder and better out there waiting for them to come snatch it is what I love. Sarah Gregorious scored both second half goals as the Ferns did their best to come back and shake up the Aussie ladies but the 3 goal deficit from the first half was just too much. 

I'm all in on these ladies with the World Cup on its way and some impressive showings against teams ranked higher than us. They get a wee break, but with some solid fixtures ahead of the World Cup, it's going to be pretty exciting to follow their progress.

That Cricket World Cup opening ceremony huh? Who am I to be critical of anything, that would be counter productive, we're just here to celebrate cricket which I'm all for and throw in to the mix Christchurch, well, coming from an Aucklander, we've got to celebrate the Cantabs! 

All the crazy shit, any faux pas', who was given show time and who wasn't can all fall in to the gutter. It was about spreading the positive vibes in an area that thoroughly deserves everything that will come its way over the next few days and celebrating the sport that is a staple of our summer. It's here folks!

And for all you 'OMG we made ESPN! Yey, hoorah, yippee!' folk...

So Super Rugby is back, you may have noticed ... it's all over everything as is usually the case. What do we have this weekend? Well obviously the key kiwi clash is between the Blues and Chiefs, with the Blues a near certainty to upset the top dogs and send shockwaves through the competition. Seriously though, this will give us a good look at where the Blues are at - are they still laughable or are they really for really real? 

The Crusaders take on the Rebels the Hurricanes are in South Africa to face the Cheetahs. I'm weary of the Aussie teams and the Rebels could be low key dangerous, but we'll answer that after they play the Crusaders. The game I'm most excited to see besides the Blues game is the Reds vs the Brumbies, with the Reds signing anyone and everyone, they could make things interesting. Shout out to Harmichael K....

It was interesting to see Alama Ieremia take the general manager position with Samoan rugby. Unless you're in on the act, wouldn't you want to stay well away from all the shenanigans? Dude has to take a job though and it'll be interesting to see how all this pans out after heads apparently rolled recently with a bit of a sweep of a few officials. I don't believe the problem has been solved though, he I mean it, is still there and well, we'll see how it goes.

I'm going to pen something Tiger Woods related, hopefully, but for me it's a perfect time for Tiger to just step away. He can't and won't retire because, well it's golf ... lots of middle aged men play golf and when you're as competitive as Tiger, you can't just stop. Hopefully Tiger just gets the hell away from everything and chills out for a bit.

Tiger hasn't been very good at golf for a while huh? But he was all in the media?? ... Where's all the other interesting male golfers? 

Once again, the EPL title race looks to be signed, sealed and delivered already which is pretty shit. While many other sporting leagues are uber competitive, the EPL just continues to serve up one sided title bids which pushes our focus down to the top four spot.  Manchester United sit in third on 47 points, while Liverpool sit in 7th on 42 points so there's not much room to slip up and it's going to be a scramble for Champions League football.