Monday Crumbs - #Cedric

Every Monday I think to myself 'damn it feels good to be a gangsta' and then I struggle to comprehend how much awesome sport we get served up in this part of the world. There was a point, Saturday night to be precise, I came across this on an Australian website...

With the Black Caps, Kosta Barbarouses and Sonny Bill Williams all putting in work, it was a good sight for all kiwis.  A fairly good sporting weekend then took a turn, take a second and then try not to explode as Cedric Jackson throws up a 3/4 court bomb...

I'll let the Wildcard have his moment in his write up on the Breakers, but this moment could not have been more amazing or perfect. Away from home, fans going nuts, up steps Cedric, game over.

Obviously having the World Cup start this weekend up'd the ante with warm fuzzy sporting vibes being spread like butter. Each game had a different bit of spice, but none can really compare to the India vs Pakistan clash which surely puts things in to perspective. We love cricket, we're all in behind the Black Caps #DoYourJob, but these guys just take it to a new level and it's awesome to have have all those eyes zoned in on our part of the world.

The best case for a World Cup final is still Australia vs Aotearoa though. 

There was also a rather festive atmosphere in Rotorua for the Warriors vs Penrith Panthers NRL Trial, further demonstrating the support rugby league has throughout the land. While the match had the feel of an actual NRL match, there were many a key player missing so it's hard to make any judgements. 

One judgement I can and will make is connected to the story that West Tigers coach Jason Taylor has said that he's made improvements to the strength, conditioning and rehab at the Tigers. I reckon this is much more important than we think it is and it's not insane to say that NRL clubs who invest in top shelf rehab practices and giving their players the ultimate care would go better. The Warriors look different this season, they look fit, they look athletic, there's no pudgy bellies or excess body weight. They look good, maybe something has clicked huh?

I wouldn't read in to the Greg Inglis noise too much. If every sporting club who approached Inglis to get his services became a news story, it would get pretty crazy. He's one of the best athletes on the planet so I'm sure many, many clubs want him.

How are we suppose to care about Super Rugby? It's so far down the pecking order in every department that I just can't bring myself to pay it any attention.

But it looks like Dan Carter is injured again. Oh well, it's not like we've got a plethora of 10's to pick from right?

Expect Jarryd Hayne to have an NFL team in a jiffy.

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