Monday Crumbs - CoCo

The weekend started with news that Karmichael Hunt had been caught up in a cocaine wheelin' and dealin' scheme, it was a rough few hours as people tried to figure out how Hunt had slipped up so bad. We then started to hear that a few Gold Coast Titans players were also involved, which when you think about it, makes complete sense.

Beau Falloon, a decent NRL hooker and Jamie Dowling, not someone of note had their names across the interwebs pretty soon but it wasn't the end of the world. While the Gold Coast may seem like a tourist mecca, imagine being an professional athlete, in July of any of the winter months, I'm sure dabbling in a bit of the white powder makes things a bit more interesting.

The news that Greg Bird and David Taylor were both also involved and that there's probably more names to come was obviously the game changer. The extent to which Bird is disliked by fans, is a testament to his playing ability, Taylor on the other hand will be described as an Origin player but he's been useless for large portions of recent seasons.

Also caught up in this drama is Kalifa Faifai Loa, former North Queensland Cowboy who moved down to the coast last season. He's born in Aotearoa and played junior footy in Auckland and some how got drawn in to all of this.

We now wait to hear what officials will do, there's investigations to be done etc but for me, if I were a head hauncho at the Titans, I'd be giving the players the flick. None of these players are worth the trouble, even Bird who despite his leadership and tough playing style isn't worth it, both in terms of what he'll offer on the field - the Titans have a tough pack already, and off the field - he was in trouble a few months ago.

The darkest day in Australian sport? Well we seem to be having a few of these, so no. Sure this all sucks, but all the players are dispensable unless even more big names are outted. 

It's weird that the Queensland Reds want Karmichael Hunt to train and play this weekend, but I guess they're within their rights to as Hunt was signed to the Gold Coast Suns in the AFL. The Titans have stood down all the players involved from training and playing duties, but you could see Hunt turn out this weekend against the Highlanders.

Still in Australia but this time with the kiwi tinge thanks to the one and only Lydia Ko. She won the Australian Open by two strokes and continues to show that she thorougly deserves her 'best in the world' ranking, I get the feeling we're in the midst of something very special.

Also in Australia was Ryan Fox, son of Grant who won the Queensland PGA in Toowoomba (which has ties to this cocaine saga). Fox eagled the 16th and 17th hole to grab the win, how about this! Two kiwis, a lovely lady and one of the boys winning golf tournaments across the ditch in one weekend! Not sure if I've ever seen that before.

Jarryd Hayne looks likely to be joining the Detroit Lions, expect him to announce it this week and he'll be on a 'Futures' contract. A great start, but it's a mere step towards NFL action but at least he'll have the chance to train and get things sussed with the Lions.

It must suck playing against the Chief and Crusaders in Super Rugby, they give you a sniff and let you think that you're in the game but they just control the game with too much class. They face each other this weekend in an epic encounter after the Chiefs beat the Brumbies despite being below par and the Crusaders did enough to hand the Highlanders a loss in their first game of the season.

Scott Barrett is a name to watch for the Crusaders, a big ol' lock who was good against the Highlanders is also the brother of Beauden. Lovely.

All the World Cup action will from the past few days will be in tonight's Lofted Drive, but we all need to take a breath. One of the worst things about this World Cup is its length, but obviously it's all good because that simply means more cricket but to try and decipher who is looking good and what not is foolish. England can still make the quarter finals (if they beat the Scots today), South Africa won't suffer from this defeat to India and the upcoming battle between the Black Caps and Australia will only offer up bragging rights for a few weeks.

Pool standings and all that mean a lot, but at the end of the day you're still going to face a beast in the semi finals and final so breathe. Just enjoy the great cricket for what it is, without the implications and 'what this means for...' stuff.