Midweek Bulletin - Just Gotta Go To Portugal Aye Bro...

A four year deal in Portugal huh? I've just got to play some football? Sounds good bro.

Tyler Boyd will leave the Wellington Phoenix after this season to venture to the continent and embark on a footballing journey as he's signed with Vitoria FC for four years. It's good deal for Boyd who was stuck behind Roy Krishna and Nathan Burns, as well as likely falling down the pecking order as the Nix look to sign Joel Griffiths from Newcastle. 

Not only should Boyd get a bit more football but he's no longer doing his thing at home, now he'll be given a chance to showcase his talents in Europe and who knows what that could lead to. It always felt like Boyd wasn't going to be the type of player who plays with the Phoenix for 5 or more years, he's too exciting, too good and deserves at the very least a chance to pursue greater opportunities.

The NRL's move to step in and take over the running of the Gold Coast Titans makes complete sense, not because of the drugs drama but thanks to the financial position of the Titans. Yes the drugs drama sucks and has come at the wrong time, but the NRL moved in after a crisis meeting was called and the NRL asked the two major stakeholders to front $500,000. They couldn't and now the Titans are under the NRL's control.

With the Titans in a stable financial spot, they could still be in the mix for Daly Cherry-Evans and signing DCE would be a huge boost for the the club. Many people would show up to just watch him play, so don't count this out just yet.

Yes, Chris Gayle could have been out first ball, but who cares! That's cricket and Gayle made the most of his chance, getting balls deep back in the runs and doing what we all love to see from Gayle, while the haters lurk in the grass.

As always, I won't go too deep in to the Cricket World Cup, but over the next few days keep an eye or an ear out for the talk, the banter, the sledging between the Aussies and the Kiwis. The Black Caps probably won't respond, but the Australians have been more than willing to offer some pre-match chirp which is awesome. David Warner is the guy, but he's doing it respectfully and that's why this is so good, even if things fire up a bit on the field it's going to be the bestest.

Why? Because it's intense, tough, ruthless international cricket between two rivals. There's nothing better.

Full circle back to the Phoenix and shout out to Paul Ifill, who has retired from pro footy. Every club hopes to sign a foreigner with talent as well as someone who is going to immerse themselves in the club and the culture. Ifill mate, you've done all that and then some so thank you.

It caught me completely off guard, but this Kevin Locke to play rugby for/in Scotland news with an eye on the World Cup is funky, if it happens. I like it.

We, as kiwis can't make a fuss about this at all because for yonks many of our sporting teams have included players who have a grand-parent etc which allows them to rep the silver fern. Locke hasn't really flourished with Salford thanks largely due to injury, but if he can make the most of this move, I reckon it would be exciting and hopefully everything happens in time for the World Cup. 

Salford's owner is Marwan Koukash, they guy who tries to get in on NRL headlines nearly every week as he tries to grab an NRL team or something similar. Maybe he should look after his own back yard a bit huh?