Friday Frills - Did You Know?

Did you know that Stephen Fleming will coach the Melbourne Stars in next season's Big Bash League?

Probably not.

Which is kind of understandable given there's a World Cup going on but Fleming is becoming one of our finest cricketing exports, not as a player but as a coach. Fleming's appointment was announced this week and the Stars are eager to go one further than stumbling at the semi final stage, which they have done for the past four years.

Fleming is still the boss dog of the Chennai Super Kings and is quickly emerging as a cricketing overlord, at least in T20 cricket that is. Fleming was always hugely respected by opponents for his knowledge and ability to read a game of cricket but I feel like we as kiwis never truly appreciated the work of Fleming. Now, this is the case x10 as the Black Cap-World Cup-band wagon-fan won't be too interested in the work of Fleming the coach.

The fact is that Fleming was hand picked by the Stars to win, that's what he's done with the Super Kings and that's what he wants to do in Melbourne. I love a kiwi who just wins.

Oh what's that?

Daniel Vet...

Danny V!? 

Yeah that guy, he might coach in the Big Bash as well.


Vettori has been a mainstay with the Brisbane Heat for the past few seasons, earning plenty of respect from the Aussies. So much respect that the Heat are eyeing him up to be their coach next season as well! The Heat were pretty average in the last Big Bash which led to coach Stuart Law stepping down and Vettori is the man they want.

So next season we could have two back to back Black Cap skippers coaching in the Big Bash because they're the best fellas for the job. It's not like there's a shortage of Australian coaches, so we should all take a minute and praise these two legends of cricket in Aotearoa for continuing their rise through the cricketing ranks.

It could also mean that we might see a few more kiwis play in the Big Bash. I'm all in behind more kiwi involvement in the Big Bash with the end goal being a team playing in the comp, but both Tim Southee and Brendon McCullum are good homies of Vettori and Fleming and also double as two of our best players. I'd love to see Southee play for the Heat and B-Mac opening for the Stars hehe.

Fleming is a low key mogul as well.

Did you know that the NRL had another season launch?

It turns out that a season launch in Auckland simply didn't cut the mustard so the NRL doubled up with a season launch in Sydney to, I don't know ... make their people happy.

Don't get it twisted, I didn't mean that the Auckland season launch wasn't up to standard. The NRL probably needed a platform in Sydney to launch it's new advertising campaign and with the Annual General Meeting taking place today, it was a logical move from the NRL.

Just a bit odd ya know.

While we're over here thinking it's awesome that the NRL launched 2015 in Auckland and that the Melbourne Storm are playing the St George Dragons in Napier on July 25, it seems that the Australians aren't so excited.

The chief executive for the Storm Mark Evans said "for our members, it's regrettable that we needed to move a game away from Melbourne, but such a mission has its challenges and we've made this decision in the best long-term interests of the club".

Geez, sorry about it if you don't want to come don't come? For me, this move makes great sense and I don't really understand why Storm members wouldn't be keen to see their club grow and expand its fan base with the only thing they're giving up being a home game? The Storm have a very strong group of kiwi players as well as a history of developing some of the most sought after youngsters from Aotearoa and could very easily gain a whole bunch of fans with this. 

I love it and I'm excited for the Hawkes Bay as they'll get to see some top rugby league as well as seeing a whole bunch of kiwis on both teams in action.

Did you know that Ricardo Christie will be making his World Surfing League debut this weekend? Christie will rep Aotearoa on the Gold Coast at the Quiksilver Pro and has been fortunate enough to spend a few weeks surfing the Snapper Rocks break were the contest will be held, tough bit of research there huh!

It's silly to put any sort of expectation on Christie, in his first heat he'll be taking on the 5th and 20th ranked surfers in the world, this is the big leagues. But we can't sit back and celebrate the fact that Christie is the first kiwi to compete in the Quiksilver Pro since 2002, he's eager to impress and hopefully the hard work will pay off.

Enjoy your weekend of sporting fucking awesomeness folks. The Black Caps vs Australia game is huge, hopefully no rain but we can always fall back on a cheeky Chiefs vs Crusaders encounter as well.