Midweek Bulletin - Dingo's Got Me Baby

We love to keep a strong Aotearoa tinge to our sporting news thingy's but sometimes Aotearoa just doesn't serve up stuff that's very interesting. I guess that's why some people spend half their time clutching at straws just to publish something, but why would you do that when you've got this big, bad, ugly/beautiful sporting pot of gumbo right across the ditch!?

In saying this, I do begin with a kiwi but a kiwi who like many other kiwi's has made the wise kiwi decision and jumped across the Tasman to earn a bit of dosh, because ya know across the Tasman you can earn more dosh doing the same job. Weird huh? But it could be a case of Robbie Deans 2.0 with Daryl Gibson applying for the Waratahs coaching gig as Michael Chieka juggles both the Wallabies and Waratahs jobs this season. Gibson has told his higher ups that he'd be keen on graduating from an assistant to the head coaching role next season and let's be honest, who knows where he could go from there.

If the Asian Cup was a job interview, then it's fair to say that Australia's favourite footballer/uso Timmy Cahill nailed it. Cahill has signed a 1 year deal worthy 10 milly which is clearly a fair amount and he'll spend the season with Shangai Shenhua FC, leaving the New York Red Bulls a year early. Cahill throroughly deserves all the dosh thrown his way as he's shown that he's a good lad, he's not a diva nor a dick and he scores goals. What more could you want? 

Anyone else find that cool? Leaving the MLS and all? Or is it just me who is over the Americans and soccer.

This deal makes sense and strengthens the links between Australia and Asia, not in terms of diplomacy but in terms of football. Ironically, Shangai were the club that put up a crazy offer for Nathan Burns so you'd hope that all that talk is killed as they now have Cahill and they can let the Wellington Phoenix massage Burns' feet a bit longer. 

It's a very weird and messy time for the Manly Sea Eagles as they try to secure the futures of Kieran Foran and Daly Cherry-Evans while also trying to fight off talk of some dramas within the club. Those dramas centre around coach Geoff Toovey who is apparently still a possibility to be given the flick. There's a fair amount of unwanted distractions for Manly and the worry is that they just endured 2014 which was just one constant distraction, you would have thought they'd be keen to move on pretty quickly. That doesn't look like it's going to be the case, but if you see the Sea Eagles near the top of the table despite all of this, I'd salute the Sea Eagles as they some how just find a way.

Shout out to Aotearoa for getting back a cheeky paragraph ... but it's the British and Irish Lions who take the cake with their tour to Aotearoa likely to include a trip to the United States. Now that's a good idea, I like the idea of taking the game to different countries and you might as well do it while you're on tour as the All Blacks have done, but much like the Tim Cahill situation, I reckon it's more beneficial to go to Asia. I guess you just go with whoever is offering you the most money, which isn't usually the best idea but in this case where you can only make so much money from rugby in Aotearoa or England, just follow the dollar bills.

If you want a laugh, stay tuned in to this on going war of words between the Australian and English cricketers. It's definitely not a war, but the English are trying to build some confidence and show the cricketing world that they're serious, there's also the Ashes on the horizon so they've got to start finding an edge over the Aussies because they're no where near them in terms of talent. 

Don't read too much in to it though, it's just pre-fight shenanigans to sell the fight and it will all be blown out of context and proportion. 

Just like the Michael Clarke situation. I heard the Sky Sport cricket commentators say that Mitchell Johnson had said something along the lines of that they don't want or need Clarke back in the line up. Of course they don't need him because they've got George Bailey, who's fucking awesome himself but all this stirring the pot is dumb. 

Ya know what's even more dumb? Most of this pot stirring is coming from the Australian media, they're building up this drama and then squashing which only serves as a distraction for their own team! Silly buggers.

Or maybe there's some truth to all this shit and the Aussie media have the inside word? Ugh. I doubt it will have any great influence on their World Cup performances though.